Cara Delevingne Flashes Her ‘Lady Garden’ For Cancer Awareness

Suicide Squad star Cara Delevingne is returning to her modeling roots with a new campaign, but instead of modeling a new women’s fragrance or a new line of Yves Saint Laurent accessories, Ms. Delevingne is modeling something uniquely herself. Cara is sharing her “lady garden,” but it’s not quite what might be expected. The Suicide Squad actress is covered beneath a big sunflower and, as the new ad campaign reveals, it’s all for a good cause. Ms. Delevingne is doing her part to raise awareness for an often missed silent killer.

Cara Delevingne Shares Her “Lady Garden” For A Good Cause

In this new photo campaign, Delevingne isn’t going topless. She’s wearing a grey hoodie with the “Lady Garden” logo emblazoned on the front. As Mirror shares, however, Cara is going bottomless with only a sunflower covering her own lady garden and the image, which appears on the cover of Style magazine, is intended to raise awareness for the Lady Garden Campaign.

“I am so happy with this cover & thrilled to be helping raise awareness for a cause that is so important @gynaecancerfund @theststyle @cdelevingne @poppydelevingne@gregwilliamsphotography @inparlour #silentnomore #ladygardencampaign,” Delevingne captioned an Instagram post in which she shares the picture.

The Lady Garden Campaign brings attention to the little known fact that September is Gynae Cancer Awareness Month, and the fact that so few women are knowledgeable about these silent killers. Among those that may be educated on these types of cancers, the Lady Garden Campaign reveals that feelings of shame or discomfort often prevent women from talking open about these health issues.

“Our research revealed that over a third of women are too embarrassed to go to the doctor with gynaecological concerns – let alone talk to a friend,” reads a statement on the Lady Garden website. “We think it’s time to change that. Don’t you? Our mission is to empower women everywhere to talk more openly – without shyness or shame.”

Suicide Squad Star Cara Delevingne Says Emergence Of Female Superheroes Is “So Cool”

There’s no denying that we’re seeing a golden age for superheroes and comic book live action adaptations, but even more inspiring, is the sudden influx of so many female superheroes. As The List reveals, no one is happier about that than Cara Delevingne, the Enchantress herself. Cara, who recently starred in the Suicide Squad live action film alongside Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn, says she’s happy to see so many female superheroes for younger generations of girls to emulate. Delevingne adds that, as a little girl, she often dressed up as male superheroes because she hadn’t been exposed to the female heroes of the time.

“It’s so cool. For me as a child I grew up dressing up as all these superheroes but they were always men,” says Ms. Delevingne. “Now I see girls dressing up as us. It’s so nice. I always think that what happens in the movie industry is reflective of what’s going on in the real world.”

Cara recalls that female characters in the comic books she read growing up were almost always either love interests or sidekicks for the male heroes of the story, but now Delevingne says she’s thrilled to see more female superheroes “on par” with the male characters. She points to Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman as a prime example, as she says that telling women’s stories in these films are important, especially because comic book adaptations are so popular at the moment.

For her next project, Cara Delevingne is stepping away from the comic book adaptations and giving science fiction a try. Ms. Delevingne will star alongside John Goodman and Ethan Hawke in Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets, due out in theaters on July 21, 2017.

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