Jill Stein Reportedly Censored In PBS Interview

Jill Stein censored by PBS?

A key chunk of the Green Party presidential candidate’s recent 15-minute interview with anchor Judy Woodruff on the PBS News Hour was apparently left on the cutting room floor. The section of the interview contained Stein’s criticism of Democrat rival Hillary Clinton.

Stein was in the process of responding to Woodruff’s inquiry about whether she thinks that Clinton and GOP nominee Donald Trump are equally “as bad” for the country. The differences between the two are insufficient to save American jobs, Stein answered, but the bulk of her analysis in context set forth below was edited out of the PBS broadcast (although the entire interview video appears on the PBS NewsHour Facebook page).

“Hillary Clinton and now her transition director Ken Salazar, they’re big proponents of Trans-Pacific Partnership which is basically NAFTA on steroids, and most observers believe that it will send our jobs overseas as well as undermine American sovereignty by bringing in these international tribunals that get to pass judgement on our laws, on our public health protections, on our worker protections. So we can’t count on saving our jobs — saving our lives. One in three Americans now can’t afford healthcare under Obamacare. Or saving the planet because Hillary has been a big proponent of fracking as is Ken Salazar, her transition director.”

Stein, who needs a 15 percent showing in the national polls to gain entry into the presidential debates, also added in deleted footage that “Americans have not only the right to vote, but a right to know who we can vote for.”

Watch the video of the full Jill Stein PBS NewsHour response in question embedded below.

“The edits were discovered by a supporter of Stein, Matt Orfalea, when he compared the Facebook Live version with the broadcast and YouTube versions. Orfalea added the cut portion of the questions and posted it to YouTube” Breitbart News explained.

Stein, 66, is a medical doctor who declared in recent interviews that “politics is the mother of all illnesses” and that’s why she now practices what she calls political medicine. Stein was the Green Party standard-bearer in 2012 and also unsuccessfully ran for governor of Massachusetts in 2002 and 2010.

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With a social justice focus on climate change and eradicating poverty, the far-left Green Party is seen as a natural home for some Bernie Sanders-supporting progressives — i.e., the #BernieOrBust or #NeverHillary cohort that used to #FeelTheBern — who are fundamentally unenthused about and feel disenfranchised over Hillary Clinton’s presidential candidacy. Stein has been actively embracing the Sanders cohort among those disillusioned with the Vermont senator’s endorsement of Clinton.

Dr. Stein has consistently rejected the premise that for liberals, Hillary Clinton is a lesser of two evils, and that a vote for a third party such as the Greens helps Donald Trump.

She has also described Hillary Clinton as a warmongering corporatist and insisted that Clinton has already done some of the things that Donald Trump says he’s going to do if elected president.

On his Facebook page today, Matt Orfalea clamed that “My video of PBS censoring Jill Stein has been CENSORED by Facebook! It got over 100k views and over 5k shares in less than 24 hrs…And all of a sudden it has disappeared.”

Parenthetically, Facebook, Twitter, Google, and other social media portals have come under criticism in some quarters for allegedly trying to skew or suppress information to help Hillary Clinton win the presidency. Former progressive Guardian reporter Glenn Greenwald, who now runs The Intercept, told liberal website Salon that virtually the entire U.S. news media is united against Trump to the benefit of Hillary Clinton. In June, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange asserted that Google is actively working with the Hillary Clinton presidential election campaign.

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