Dish Network Launching dishNET Broadband Satellite Service On October 1

Dish Network will start delivering satellite broadband service to US internet customers on October 1. Known as dishNET the new service is being collaborated on by Dish, ViaSat and Hughes. The company hopes that the new service will help nearly 14.5 million rural customers receive high-speed internet connectivity.

Dish is claiming that the service delivers download speeds up to 10Mbps, far higher than current DSL speeds in most of the rural areas it will service. In many cases DSL customers receive 1.5 to 3Mbps downloads.

Connecting via broadband satellite is not the cheapest alternative available, Dish Network will charge $40 for 5Mbps download speeds with 1Mbps uploads. The $40 package will also include a monthly data limit of 10-gigabytes. Users looking for higher speeds and more data usage can purchase a 10Mpbs download package with a 20-gigabyte cap for $50.

If a customer wants to use the broadband satellite service without subscribing to Dish Network they will also have to pay an additional $10 per month feee.

The service officially launched in a few days and will see the Dish wireline broadband name repackaged as dishNET

As for the type of service customers can expected that is hard to determine at this time. Poor weather conditions could leave customers with less than stellar internet connections which could cause anger given the high cost of using the service.

In the meantime the cost structure if fairly similar to DSL with the added benefit of higher speeds. Should the service perform as hoped Dish Network could etch out a nice rural customer base.