West Virginia State Troopers Care For Baby Found Drenched In Human Waste During Routine Traffic Stop

What was a routine traffic stop for officers from the West Virginia State Troopers has now become national news after officers found a little baby in the back seat of a car covered in vomit and feces. The disgusting sight of the baby, who was less than a year old, covered in vomit and human waste was witnessed by one of the troopers on Tuesday at around 5:30 p.m. local time. According to a report by KTLA, the baby was found in the back of a car by Officer D.C. Graham. The officer had stopped the vehicle during a regular traffic stop which later culminated into a DUI arrest.

According to CNN, the arrest happened little less than a mile from the trooper’s headquarters on Oakvale road. In a statement to the media, B.R. Wood, an officer with the with the Princeton detachment said, “We made an arrest for DUI. The 1-year-old baby boy was in the backseat covered in vomit. The vehicle was disabled, so we brought the baby boy back to the detachment.”

In an interview with CNN, Trooper Graham revealed that the moment the car was stopped, he sensed something was not right. According to him, the inside of the car was a complete mess and was filled with trash. There was also a foul odor emanating from the interior. It was after this that he noticed the little baby, who was not more than a year old, sitting in the back seat of the vehicle clad only in a soiled diaper. The baby also seemed to have a bad cough.

Upon closer inspection, Trooper D.C. Graham found that the little one was also drenched in vomit. According to him, the sight of the baby in such a horrible condition was one of the worst things he has ever experienced in his career. “I’ve been doing this for a while now and that was probably one of the worst things I’ve experienced, seeing a baby in that condition,” Graham told CNN.

Following the arrest of the still unidentified female who was driving the vehicle, Officer Graham took a moment to decide what to do with the little baby inside the car. He then remembered that the state police barracks were less than half a mile away from where he was standing. He then took the baby in his arms and took the little boy to his barracks.

Trooper Graham recounts the moment he brought the baby into the barracks.

“We brought him into the barracks and the smell of vomit and feces overtook the room. The baby was crying profusely. We tried everything. He was just so upset in the condition he was in. There was nothing we could do to get him to stop crying. I said, ‘I can’t let him sit in this.'”

Being a father himself, Trooper Graham did what any father would do for his child. He decided to clean up the little baby all by himself. He took the little one to a kitchen sink and gave him a nice, much-needed bath. Other officers also snapped a picture of the spectacle. Surprisingly, the baby, who had been crying profusely just minutes earlier, seemed to like the attention.

As anyone could see, the child was happy and smiling in the picture captured during the bath. The transition from the baby’s previous unspeakable condition to the bubbly, adorable child seen in the photograph was truly inspiring, and it showed the positive side of police officers that the American people needed to see. The image has since then gone viral as thousands of people shared it on social media.

baby found drenched in vomit
[Image Via West Virginia State Police]
Meanwhile, officers had already reported about the baby to the Child Protective Service, who later sent their officers to the barracks. The baby was about to doze off following his bath when the officers from the Child Protective Service came in.

“He was the best little baby. He had just started to nod off when CPS (Child Protective Services) arrived,” Officer Wood said.

He did add that even though the baby was laughing following the bath, he was visibly sick. The child is now in the custody of a legal guardian.

According to Officer Wood, “The baby has now been placed with a legal guardian.” Wood continued, “He is safe at this time and under the supervision of CPS.”

As for the driver, she faces the charge of DUI with a minor. If convicted, the driver may be sentenced to not less than two days or more than 12 months in jail, and a fine of not less than $200 or more than $1,000.

[Images Via West Virginia State Police]