WWE News: Backstage Speculation About Daniel Bryan’s WWE Contract And Potential Return To The Ring

Daniel Bryan’s WWE career didn’t end the way it deserved to in the eyes of anyone. Back in February, Daniel Bryan delivered one of the most heartfelt, tragic, and solemn retirement speeches WWE has ever seen. As emotional as it was for the WWE fans to give him the respect he deserved once more, the tragedy of the situation is that Daniel Bryan had so much more left in the tank.

The final two years of his wrestling career weren’t spent in the WWE ring at all. Instead, it was spent fighting with WWE doctors about the condition of his body and his ability to handle wrestling in the ring. During that time, Daniel Bryan had to vacate both the WWE World Heavyweight Championship and Intercontinental Championship. It’s a testament to Bryan that he won these titles, but never actually lost them. That proves that the WWE Universe never truly saw the best of him inside a WWE ring.

The fight outside of the ring to get medically cleared was well documented by various rumors that made it seem like Daniel Bryan could return to WWE any day. However, his retirement didn’t expel those rumors for good either. The potential for him to leave WWE and wrestle for other promotions is still open despite being highly unadvised to by many doctors. All of this baggage to Bryan’s return to WWE as SmackDown Live’s GM was brought back by The Miz during an intense promo on Talking Smack.

A lot of speculation has risen from the promo between Daniel Bryan and The Miz from last Tuesday’s Talking Smack. Many WWE fans are calling it the promo of the year thus far from Miz, which is a huge testament to the run he’s currently on with the IC Championship. Bryan and Miz both had valid arguments in the promo, but The Miz just made his dramatically louder.

Daniel Bryan’s point is Miz isn’t the best wrestler and is the embodiment of the “soft WWE style of wrestling.” However, Miz is right because he’s never suffered a serious injury, which is where the “hard independent wrestling style” will get a performer. It is also Bryan’s fault to make promises to the WWE Universe that he has been unable to keep because of his recklessness. Miz’s best point is that if Bryan loves wrestling so much, why not leave WWE and do what he loves to do outside of WWE television.

The promo between Daniel Bryan and The Miz has brought back and created a lot of speculation about Daniel Bryan’s future because much of the WWE Universe wants to know what the original purpose of the promo was meant to be. The latest news about Bryan’s future in WWE is claiming that Miz was only the first WWE Superstar to call out Daniel for his retirement from wrestling and question his loyalty to WWE. Apparently, WWE hasn’t completely shut the door on an in-ring return for Bryan.

Daniel Bryan Has Done Very Well As SmackDown GM
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Obviously, it’s highly unlikely that Daniel Bryan is ever medically cleared to return to a WWE ring even for one match. However, there has been some news about his future with the company and the fact that he may still be able to make bigger money in the ring with other wrestling promotions than filling the General Manager role on SmackDown for WWE.

No one is going to question Daniel Bryan’s passion for professional wrestling, which was a point of attack from Miz during their promo from Talking Smack. Bryan is still very much under a WWE contract, but he’s going to have the option to make big money elsewhere when his deal expires. Unfortunately, the day his WWE contract expires hasn’t been revealed as of now.

The fact is that Daniel Bryan was able to get medically cleared by several doctors outside of WWE, but he relented his intention to keep wrestling because of his contract with WWE. However, he’s going to have to make a choice when his contract expires, because the chance for him to leave and wrestle for other promotions that will allow him to do so will be present.

Daniel Bryan at the Peak of His Career at Wrestlemania 30
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Bryan would make a lot more money wrestling for New Japan or returning to Ring of Honor than he would being the General Manager of SmackDown on WWE television. A lot of that comes to those promotions also paying him for the long-term health risks to his body if he were to get back into a wrestling ring again, but also because he’d make more on merchandise sales.

Ultimately, the decision is going to need to be made if the long-term health risk is worth the money and the glory of returning to the ring when the WWE Universe and other wrestling fans believed his wrestling days were over. Bryan has a good gig in WWE right now, so leaving the company to pursue wrestling again is going to be a major risk on his body and his overall career.

Despite what The Miz said on Talking Smack earlier this week, there is nothing cowardly about not risking your life inside the ring. The promo has caught the attention and created this much speculation because it is a hot button issue with Daniel Bryan and the WWE Universe. If this leads to one more match from him in the near future, few are going to miss it, but it’s going to take a lot more than just one promo to force WWE’s hand to let Daniel Bryan risk his life on their watch again.

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