‘The Night Of’ Spoilers: What Will Be The Verdict On Naz?

Next week will be the last week that we can confirm, or deny, The Night Of spoilers, as HBO’s hit show will be coming to an end — at least for the season. And while there’s no word yet as to whether HBO will renew The Night Of for another season, it stands to reason that, with a little bit of tweaking of the story line, they would be able to bring back the show. For now, however, let’s take a look at some The Night Of spoilers for next week’s season finale.

Warning: this post contains spoilers. Please do not read this post if you do not wish to read about The Night Of spoilers.

Our first set of The Night Of spoilers come courtesy of Esquire Magazine, who assert that The Night Of is so successful because of the fact that it’s so self-referential. When Chandra says “if the glove doesn’t fit, you must acquit,” we’re immediately brought back to the times of the infamous OJ Simpson trial, and the creators of the show are basically giving us — the audience, the jury — a bit of shade because of our obsession with law and order as a reality show, rather than as a serious judicial process.

Esquire also reports that, in the season finale, we will be getting a “guilty” verdict on Naz, because even though Chandra’s Cochran-esque comment made Box realize that he had the wrong guy (thus making Naz innocent of the crime he’s on trial for), he is now, in fact, a murderer – remember Andrea, in prison? Yeah…he had a role in that.

Indeed, SportsRageous confirms some additional The Night Of spoilers, and they’re pretty clear that Detective Box (played by John Turturro) will realize, in the season finale, that the man he’s helping to convict is, in fact, innocent of the crime. What will remain unclear until next week, however, is why the detective took Naz’s inhaler away from the crime scene — but this isn’t something that will be revealed to the jury of Naz’s peers, because both the prosecution and the defense have already rested their cases in the trial. Rather, we will probably see Box’s rationalization of this evidence tampering in flashback format. This, too, is another hat-tip to the OJ Simpson trial, when Detective Mark Fuhrman’s evidence tampering helped to ruin the case for the prosecution.

The final round of The Night Of spoilers comes courtesy of Carter Matt, who seems to have the most inside information about the upcoming season finale. The outlet can all but confirm that the final episode of the season will be nearly two hours long, as opposed to the typical one-hour episodes that have been going on for the majority of the season. The outlet also has confirmed that a controversy surrounding defense attorney John Stone will take center stage before the jury reaches its verdict, which could help to throw the trial in the favor of the prosecution — again, proving the theory that Naz will be found guilty of a crime that he didn’t commit… even though he ended up committing the crime while he was in jail awaiting trial for the crime he didn’t commit. On the other hand, Chandra’s romantic encounter with Naz in the jail cell in the penultimate episode (yikes!) gives a whole new meaning to “prosecutorial misconduct,” which could lead to problems for the prosecution in the season finale.

What, ultimately, will be Naz’s fate? What do you think of this latest, and last, round of The Night Of spoilers? Leave your thoughts about these latest The Night Of spoilers in the comments below.

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