Brit Killed Russian Bride After Discovering She Was A Man

Chris Collier, a British businessman, battered and then smothered his 35-year-old wife Juila at their apartment in the Turkish city of Kusadasi on Turkey’s Aegean coast after he uncovered that she used to be a man.

Arrested the day after her death on November 27, 2012, the 40-year-old had “bought” his bride on the internet, and it was then revealed that she’d had a sex change, which brought the Englishman to a heated rage and lead him to murder her.

Collier was a eminent UK businessman who played a prominent role in the huge phone company, Phones4U, which sold for £1.46billion in 2006. After this transaction, Collier moved to the European country and ran an estate agency whilst his new wife worked as a lounge singer and pianist in hotel bars.

The expat Brit posted numerous blogs on an internet forum that confessed, “I paid for my wife and then moved to Kusadasi in my rented apartment.” Further posts then revealed that she “used to be a bloke.”

A Turkish court heard how he had knocked Julia unconscious with a hard object before smothering her to death. Collier was found guilty of the murder on August 6 and then imprisoned for 24 years.

A friend of Chris’ stated that, “Chris went out to Turkey to make a new start over 10 years ago. Julia was just the nicest girl you could ever meet. I found out what had happened from a mutual friend in Turkey. I was really shocked when I heard.”

Recently, a Texas man went to the extreme measure of hiring a hitman to bring his mail order bride over to America in a crate.