Indian Woman Who Was Kidnapped, Used As Sex Slave, And Sold Nine Times In 10 Years Returns Home

A woman in India, who was kidnapped at the age of 12, sold, and used as a sex slave for 10 years, finally returns home, according to the Mirror.

The now 22-year-old woman – whose name will not be released due to legal reasons – said, “I have lost my childhood. I was just 12 when I was kidnapped outside my home and the moment I saw my family after returning I realized how much I had missed out on.”

“I am so happy to be home but I am still grieving for the life I have lost.”

On July 2, 2006, the girl was playing in front of her home in Seelampur, Delhi, when a woman in a white vehicle approached her.

After a brief conversation, a man got out of the vehicle and dragged her into the car while holding a cloth over her face until she fell unconscious.

“When I finally woke up the first thing I remember is that I was locked inside a room with around 20 others including young girls and small children,” the girl said.

“I panicked and screamed for help. Everyone was crying.”

Meanwhile, her parents began to worry when they discovered she had disappeared without a trace. The mother, 55, whose name has not been released, stated that she “immediately thought the worst and searched for her at hospitals, police stations and temples wondering if someone left her there to beg or something.”

“I also posted posters with her photo at different places, but that did not help either.”

The India girl was later reported missing.

Although it has been 10 years since the child went missing, she remembers her ordeal. She said, “The man who dragged me into the car slapped me and told me to be quiet.”

“I begged to be sent back home. Then a man took me and said he was taking me home.

“I went on a train with him, believing I was going home but he took me to his farm and made me work.”

It didn’t take the missing girl long to uncover that the man and woman who kidnapped her had sold her,” according to the Indian Express.

Countless men used the child as a sex slave, “repeatedly raping her every night” and if she resisted, they would beat her.

“In the end some would rape me while holding a knife to my throat. I lived in a locked dark room and given only one meal a day.”

Three years later, she was sold again to a 50-year-old truck driver who lived in Punjab, northern India, and was forced to marry him.

“I was still a child at 15, but I was forced me to marry an alcoholic and a drug addict in Punjab,” she said. “I had two children with him.”

When her husband died in 2011, her in-laws began to torture her. “They used to beat me, and my brother-in-law and his friends raped me on several occasions,” she said.

“In the end, my sister-in-law took my children to live with her without my permission and they chucked me out onto the streets.”

While on the streets, she said that she was desperate to return home but was unable to do so. Meanwhile, she was able to find a job as a “cleaner that came with a small room but the money wasn’t enough. I sometimes begged and sometimes I slept on the streets.”

“When a man offered me work in Siliguri in West Bengal, I went,” she continued. “But I was sold again, to a dance bar. There I met a Delhi-based girl and I opened up to her.

“I told her my story and she said she’d help me get home.”

Not long after, the girl helped the victim get home by accompanying her on a train. It’s been a decade since the victim went missing but she managed to remember her way to her sister’s house in Delhi.

When she arrived, the victim “knocked on the door and when I recognized my sister I fell to my knees.”

However, her sister didn’t recognize her, asking, “Who are you looking for?”

When her sister realized that it was her missing sister, it was an emotional and shocking reunion as they believed she was dead all of those years.

“After I got no help from the police I started believing my daughter was dead. I’ve died every day within. I cannot even imagine what she has gone through,” her mother said.

“Her body is full of torture marks and cigarette burns. As a mother, I cannot bear to hear anything like this about my child.”

After the missing child was reunited with her family 10 years later, they are doing everything possible to bring the men who kidnapped and raped the Indian woman to justice.

Thus far, Delhi police have arrested eight people in connection with the “kidnapping, rape, and selling of a 12-year-old girl.”

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