‘American Horror Story’ Spoilers: Ryan Murphy Plans ‘Multiple’ Seasons, Sarah Paulson Quashes Popular Season 6 Theory

Warning: This article contains possible American Horror Story spoilers for Season 6.

American Horror Story spoilers for Season 6 have been hard to come by even though the premiere is less than a month away. Unlike traditional TV shows, the anthology series focuses on a creepy new storyline in a fresh setting and time period each season. Before the previous five AHS seasons, FX released spoilers on the upcoming theme.

But for AHS Season 6, executive producer Ryan Murphy and FX have taken a different approach: Keep fans guessing. FX has released over a dozen teasers for the new season, only to reveal that all but one are red herrings. FX CEO John Landgraf explained the secretive strategy at the Television Critics Association press tour earlier this month via Variety.

“We just thought it would be really fun to keep it a mystery this year. And we are. They went out and made many more trailers than you’ve actually seen for hypothetical seasons of American Horror Story. One of them is accurate.”

Landgraf would only give one hint about Season 6.

“All I can say it there is a theme. But we’re not going to reveal it because we think it would be fun for the audience.”

In a new interview with the Hollywood Reporter, Murphy also talked about the decision not to release any American Horror Story spoilers or themes ahead of Season 6. But, in doing so, he dropped some big news about the future of the series.

“John Landgraf and Dana Walden [of Fox TV Group] and I were talking, and the show is in its sixth season, and we’ve always done everything by the book. Come January or February, I announce what the theme is, and then we announce the cast. We wanted to [create a] different experience for the fans this year. But that doesn’t mean we’ll do that for Season 7 or even Season 8.”

So Murphy plans to do Season 7 and 8 of American Horror Story?

“You’ll see it this season, and then you’ll see it after this season. We lay a lot of pipe, and you’ll see it explode in seasons seven and eight. They haven’t officially been picked up yet by John Landgraf — he and I always talk at the end of the year and decide how many we want to do. But John has always said, and I have always agreed, that this is a show that could be like The Twilight Zone and run for multiple, multiple seasons and have its own inner mythology. So that’s how we’re approaching it. I’ll keep doing it for as long as we have the ideas and the momentum. I really love doing it.”

Murphy then hints that all “the seasons are connected, for sure.”

Despite all the secrecy, there have been a few credible sounding American Horror Story spoilers floating around social media. TMZ obtained set photos that might show the infamous Roanoke colony, also known as the Lost Colony, whose inhabitants mysteriously vanished in the late 1500s. The Hollywood gossip site also posted set photos of a chilling “haunted house.”

Meanwhile, Creepy Catalog also had some potential American Horror Story spoilers. They theorized one AHS promo spelling out “PIG” might be a reference to the horrific murders of pregnant actress Sharon Tate and four others by Charles Manson’s followers in 1969. The killers used Tate’s own blood to paint “PIG” on the front door of her Los Angeles home.

But AHS star Sarah Paulson — who earned two 2016 Emmy nominations for her work as Sally in AHS Season 5 and her performance as Marcia Clark in Ryan Murphy’s other FX anthology series American Crime Story — emphatically told Entertainment Tonight the Charles Manson theory is bunk.

“Wrong! You can look me dead in the eyes. You are wrong, dead wrong. And you will see that I am not lying to you. I’m not pulling a Jedi mind trick. You’re wrong!”

Well, okay then.

What do you think of the latest American Horror Story spoilers? Do you have any theories on what Season 6 will be about?

American Horror Story Season 6 premieres Wednesday, Sept. 14 at 10 p.m. on FX.

[Image via FX]