Did Paulina Chmielecka check Ryan Jenkins into that motel?

Did Paulina Chmielecka check Ryan Jenkins, the accused murder of model Jasmine Fiore, into the motel room where he committed suicide? That’s the question the RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police) and the Orange County District Attorneys office is asking right now.

Late Saturday night, Ryan Jenkins, the fugitive murder suspect who is suspected of killing his ex-wife Jasmine Fiore, was found hanged in a room at the Thunderbird motel in Hope, British Columbia, Canada. Jenkins fled the U.S. into Western Canada a few days before that to avoid being prosecuted for murder and showed up at a motel in B.C. with a mysterious blonde woman. Jenkins sat outside the motel in a P.T. Cruiser car while the woman went to the motel office and checked him into a room. She paid cash for the room for three nights.

When Jenkins didn’t check out on time, hotel staff entered the room and found Jenkins hanging from a coat rack behind the door.

Police believed one of Jenkins’ ex’s, a model named Paulina Chmielecka, was the mystery woman who helped him check into the motel. The hotel manager identified her positively, but since her name was publicly announced, further investigation by police determined that Chmielecka had a strong alibi – her agent says she was doing a fashion show Friday and filming a cooking show Saturday and couldn’t have aided Jenkins.


Whoever the mystery woman is, Police say she is not a danger to the public.