WWE News: WWE Superstar Sasha Banks Won’t Require Back Surgery, Expected To Be Back Soon

WWE Superstar Sasha Banks was injured a little while back. WWE knew she might need some time away from the company due to this, which is why they had her lose the WWE Women’s Championship to Charlotte at WWE SummerSlam this past Sunday. It was a bit shocking for fans to see Banks win the title less than a month ago and then drop it shortly after, but it was done for a very good reason.

The question on most minds when learning of the injury was how long would Banks be gone? We all knew there was a legitimate back injury, which is why creative cleverly had Charlotte target the area in their match at SummerSlam. Charlotte protected Banks for the most part, barring the obvious crazy bump at the beginning of the match. The rest of the time was her attacking the back, but clearly doing it in a way that Banks could avoid any more damage.

The injury angle was furthered on WWE RAW last night when the announcers and Charlotte referenced the back injury. This was a way to help Sasha Banks the moment she returns, and she could target Charlotte the night she makes it back to the WWE. RAW General Manager Mick Foley claimed that once Sasha gets back, she will have a rematch for the Women’s Title. This obviously means that WWE certainly wants to further the Charlotte/Banks feud as soon as they can.

Charlotte Sasha [Image via WWE]The question still remains on when we would see The Boss make her return to the WWE. There is said to be good news for fans of Banks, as Ringside News reports that Sasha will not require any sort of back surgery. This clearly means she will end up doing some rehabilitation in order to help the issue, which should fix most everything. On top of this, she’ll have time away to rest which could also help her out significantly.

The WWE schedule is known to be absolutely brutal on every WWE Superstar. These men and women were wrestling around 300 nights a year. This was taken back just a bit when the WWE Brand Split took place, which gave them another day to rest. It may not seem like much, but this an extra 52 days off per year with the same pay they were making beforehand. Regardless, the schedule is still by no means easy to do. Taking time away from it could do wonders for anyone, especially those with an injury.

WWE now knows they will get Sasha Banks back sooner than expected, which means the storyline with Charlotte and Bayley may be cut short as Banks/Charlotte picks back up. Bayley will be challenging Charlotte for the Women’s Title at WWE Clash of Champions, and as of now, she will lose due to the other storyline taking precedent. That does not mean Bayley and Charlotte are completely over, of course.

Banks Charlotte SS [Image via WWE]Right now, Banks is out of every event until September 23rd, which happens to be a WWE Live Event date. She would obviously return that following Monday for WWE RAW. Clash of Champions takes place on September 25th, which means we’ll see Banks as soon as September 26th at RAW. Of course, they could have her return at Clash of Champions depending on the storyline.

There very well could be a two on one attack on Bayley with Charlotte and Dana Brooke trying to take out the Ironwoman. Sasha Banks could then return to help her good friend Bayley. While this may or may not occur, Banks will be more than capable to be at the PPV and the following WWE RAW event. This means she has around a month to get her back into great shape in order to return and be just as good as she always was. Sasha certainly didn’t want to have surgery, and now that she knows she doesn’t need it, she’ll likely go into rehab to get into better shape than ever before.

[Image via WWE]