‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Elizabeth Has Her Hands Full-Secrets, Confrontations, And Danger Ahead

A new promo of some upcoming happenings on General Hospital has just come out, and it looks like there will be plenty of drama and chaos in the coming weeks. From what is seen in the preview, it looks like Elizabeth Webber will have her hands full. Between Hayden Barnes and the mysterious serial killer, she is headed for plenty of on-screen time. Even though there are troubles ahead for this character, it will be great for Liz fans to see her involved in some juicy storylines for a change.

Elizabeth’s troubles have already started as she was seen on Monday’s episode mourning the loss of her best friend, Nikolas Cassadine. She also just received a mysterious package on the doorstep of Nik’s home. It has yet to be revealed what is inside, but Liz is wondering who sent it. The postmark revealed that it came from Cassadine Island in Greece, which is where Nik had just supposedly died saving Ava Jerome’s life. Speaking of Ava, she and Liz will have an encounter soon. According to Soap Central, the two women are expected to stumble across something. What could it be?

The General Hospital spoilers also say that Liz will be facing an important decision. Does it involve her future with Franco? He will be on hand to support her possibly because she is still mourning Nik, or it could have something to do with Jake. Previous spoilers have said that Jake would be spilling all of the details surrounding his time on Cassadine Island with Helena. That hasn’t happened yet, but it could very well play out soon.

There is also Elizabeth’s ongoing feud with Hayden Barnes, aka Rachel Berlin. These women have been in an all-out catfight before, and according to the new General Hospital promo about dirty little summer secrets, there is about to be another one. Hayden is seen slapping Liz across the face while they were both at the hospital. It almost looks like a little sisterly rivalry going on even though they are not actually sisters. Well, that may be about to change, as one of those secrets could be that Hayden and Elizabeth really are sisters.

In the same preview that was posted on Twitter, it looks like Liz is about to have an accident thanks to the General Hospital serial killer. He or she has struck again as another patient will die by that now-infamous deadly syringe. The hospital is about to have a power outage, and this is when the killer strikes. Unfortunately, Elizabeth will be in the middle of it as she is seen being pushed down the stairs by this person.

Will she be able to identify who the serial killer is? She may have seen his face and was trying to run away from him before she was shoved down the stairs. If her life hangs in the balance from the fall, this could very well bring Naomi to confess to Hayden/Rachel that she has a sister.

This brings us to wonder exactly what it is that Liz and Ava will stumble upon. It could have something to do with that mysterious box that is sitting there waiting to be opened. They could possibly open it up and discover something odd inside. However, why would Ava be at Nik’s place anyway?

The more likely scenario would be that this all happens at General Hospital and Ava and Liz find a very strong hint as to the serial killer’s real identity. This could be the reason why Elizabeth is thrown down the stairs. Ava is also seen at the end of the promo looking quite shocked about something.

Viewers have been anxious to see who has been terrorizing the patients and staff at General Hospital. This storyline has been going on for a while, and it is about time to have it revealed. Elizabeth is right in the middle of the chaos. With having to deal with her loss of Nik, her confrontations with Hayden, her conflicting feelings for Franco, and now coming face-to-face with the serial killer, she is in for a difficult couple of weeks.

Are you more than ready to find out who it is that pushes Liz down the stairs? Keep watching General Hospital to find out.

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