‘Big Brother 18’ Spoilers: Paul Talks To Live Feeders, Has Realizations About Game, Bashes Michelle And Showmance Jatalie

Big Brother 18 houseguest Paul Abrahamian reflects on his game and how others are playing it.

In the early morning hours of August 23, as Nicole Franzel and Corey Brooks engaged in yet another undercover make-out session in the Tokyo bedroom, Paul Abrahamian sat alone in the safari room. As he did, he could be seen on Big Brother 18 live feeds becoming introspective about the game and reflecting on some game realizations and his status at present. He also found the time to bash other houseguests, believing they’ve been untruthful and unreliable regarding the game.

At about 3:45 a.m. on Tuesday, Paul took a seat on one of the sofas in the room and said “What’s up?” to CBS All Access live feeders, asking how everyone was doing. He noted he was restless after taking a long nap and was unable to sleep.

Paul said he is “pretty sure” he’s getting shafted this week and called Natalie Negrotti and her showmance partner, James Huling, “a bunch of liars.”

Earlier this week, Natalie, the current Head of Household (HOH), nominated Paul’s closest ally in the game, Victor Arroyo, for eviction.

Joker’s Updates reported, due to this week’s Care Package advantage, Michelle Meyer was given the designation of co-HOH, so she shared the responsibility of nominations with Natalie and chose Paul to sit on the chopping block next to his buddy.

Paul subsequently won the Power of Veto (POV) and saved himself from eviction. and Michelle nominated Corey as her replacement nominee.

He added that although he and Victor were assured by Natalie and James they were safe and part of some master plan, he was now quite certain Victor is the actual eviction target.

On the live feeds, Paul went on to ask for the next Care Package because he believes if Victor goes to jury this week, his game will be over.

Unbeknownst to Paul and the other cast mates, the next Care Package involves a Big Brother bribe in which the recipient will receive $5,000, presumably to use to convince other houseguests to make game moves that are thought to be favorable to the recipient.

Paul surmised the two showmances, Nicole and Corey (“Nicorey”) and James and Natalie (“Jatalie”) are working together, with Michelle being the fifth wheel in this group.

Paul told live feeders no one in the house likes to give any information to Michelle because “she can’t keep her mouth shut, and she is terrible at everything.” Paul further stated he was puzzled as to why America voted to give her co-HOH.

He revealed his best game move now would be to side with either Nicorey or Jatalie and convince them to take shots at each other. Alternatively, he thought about also trying to convince Michelle to align with one couple while he joins the other in the hopes of creating a war between the showmances so the couples target one another.

Paul also told live feed viewers he hoped the next Care Package is an advantage that guarantees him safety in order to get him out of the current “mess” he is in.

He called himself a “solo sitting duck” if Victor leaves and noted he will probably go out in sixth place because the rest of the house will try to evict him next week. Paul added that if Victor stays, he and Victor will target James, who has not been on the chopping block once this season of Big Brother, and Natalie, who he said is “playing dumb this whole time and manipulating people.”

Paul proclaimed his ultimate goal is to do as much damage as possible to Jatalie’s game and send them packing so he can “hopefully stay.”

He then turned his sites on Michelle, saying she is “a super ignorant player.”

Paul went on to argue, “She thinks she knows everything about the game and she belittles everybody else… very stubborn… can’t think for herself. You can manipulate her and tell her to do something and she’ll do it.”

Paul continued his rant about Michelle, asserting, “That girl is bizarre. She likes to poke fun at everyone and then cry about it. I don’t understand her. She’s starting to push my buttons a lot, and she’s going to get an earful one of these days. She’s made enough backhanded comments to me this week. She claimed that I was an atheist and tried to s*** on me for it… didn’t work… said I was a liar, said I was a manipulator… said a ton of things to me, so… it’s only a matter of time, Michelle.”

He then surmised, however, that he could take Michelle to final two because he felt he could win the game over her. Paul commented he could take Big Brother 18 over Natalie and Nicole, as well, but he wasn’t sure about James. He came to the conclusion that taking Michelle to final two would be his best insurance to win the grand prize.

What Paul and the other cast members don’t know is that whoever is evicted on Thursday will have the chance to return to the game after battling the other four houseguests now in jury. If Victor, or a jury member who wants to take a shot at the showmances, returns to the Big Brother 18 house, Paul’s game could be unexpectedly revived, making it very possible he could win the game.

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