Chris Brown And Nicole Scherzinger Make Out In Club, Rep Says They’re ‘Just Friends’

Chris Brown and Nicole Scherzinger were spotted out together at L.A.’s Supperclub on Tuesday night, and what they were caught doing will likely make both of their significant others squirm.

Brown and Scherzinger were photographed at the party in honor of the rapper’s clothing line Black Pyramid, kissing, hugging, and nuzzling in plain sight of the entire club, reports Yahoo! News.

Brown has been dating model Karrueche Tran, while Scherzinger recently reconciled with her beau Lewis Hamilton. But after Tuesday night’s photos, it’s questionable if the couples will last much longer. An eyewitness stated that the two “were dancing close for a while and being all touchy-feely and finally Chris leaned into her. She put her head on his shoulder and they started kissing! I couldn’t believe Chris was being so obvious about it!”

Despite their apparent interest in each other, the two went their separate ways at the end of the night with the former X-Factor judge hopping into the backseat of’s car — with a massive smile on her face. The couple’s antics are especially interesting, considering recent reports that Scherzinger wants to buy a home in London to be closer to her race car driving boyfriend.

The New York Daily News notes that reps for both celebrities immediately denounced any claim that the two were kissing. A rep for Nicole Scherzinger vehemently denied anything was happening between the former talent judge and Chris Brown, saying:

“There is absolutely no truth to the ridiculous story. The photos that have surfaced are old friends who were trying to talk at a very loud club. I guarantee there will be no photos of them kissing.”

Meanwhile, Brown’s camp similarly slammed the claim, saying:

“They were not kissing. They are friends, have been for years and were talking at a club that had loud music playing.”

Despite their definite statements that Chris Brown and Nicole Scherzinger weren’t kissing at the club on Tuesday, the very convincing photographs are hard to deny.