James Huling Caught Saying He’ll Share ‘Big Brother’ Prize Money With Final 4

James Huling broke a big Big Brother rule. The returning fan favorite was caught on the live feeds telling fellow returnee Nicole Franzel that he will share his winnings with his alliance members if he becomes the next winner of the CBS reality show.

According to spoiler site Big Brother Network, James Huling promised to send “ten grand, ten grand, ten grand” to the other three members of his Final Four alliance. James’ Final Four alliance includes Franzel as well as Corey Brooks and Natalie Negrotti. The spoiler site reports that Nicole agreed to James Huling’s plan, except she said her showmance, Corey, doesn’t need a cash gift.


James Huling’s proposal – that he’ll go straight to the bank and send each of his Final Four alliance members a money order in the amount of “ten grand” should he win the $500,000 grand prize — is completely against the Big Brother rules. All but two of the remaining houseguests will be in the Big Brother jury, which means a cash prize offer could also affect how they vote for the BB18 winner.

James Huling was later caught telling his showmance, Natalie Negrotti, about the plan to give everyone in the alliance a little “care package.”

“I’m not using this as strategy, but me and Nicole agreed that if we both win everyone in our four is going to get a care package,” Huling was heard saying.

As Natalie asked James what he meant by that, production quickly cut off the conversation. You can see James Huling telling Natalie about the plan in the video below.

Big Brother Network reports that Nicole was later called into the Diary Room and returned to tell Huling they were in hot water.

“James, we got in trouble,” Nicole revealed. “I have to say on camera I won’t buy, I won’t get you something nice.”


James Huling was also called into the Diary Room and announced that he will not be buying anybody anything if he wins Big Brother, and the other houseguests began to debate over the rules about safety deals for cash.

Fans may recall that last season, BB houseguest Vanessa Rousso pulled a similar stunt. Vanessa talked about plans to offer twins Liz and Julia Nolan cash if one of them agreed to drop out at the Final Four level. Vanessa also told the twins that if she used them as pawns and something went wrong, she’d give them $10,000. According to Bustle, Rousso’s offense also included promises to purchase gifts for the other houseguests or sponsor them at poker tournaments. Rousso was later called into the DR and returned saying she “got spanked” by Big Brother production.


James Huling should have known better after what happened to his housemate Vanessa last season. It is common knowledge that offering bribes is a major Big Brother no-no, and Huling and all of the houseguests sign iron-clad contracts ahead of the show, so they know the rules.

In an interview with TV Guide, Big Brother 8 winner Evel Dick Donato said the rules about prize sharing are clear. Donato was in an interesting situation, as his daughter, Daniele, was the runner-up on his season of the CBS reality show. While Donato admitted there are “laws governing splitting up prize money,” his daughter said that still didn’t mean he couldn’t buy her presents.


“I will be paying for her schooling. Absolutely,” Donato revealed. “My kid’s school is the most important thing.”

In an update on the duo, it was revealed that Evel Dick treated his daughter to a trip to Europe and bought her a red sports car with his prize money.

As for James Huling, it will be interesting to see if his showmance with Natalie lasts outside the house and if he buys her all of the gifts he has already promised her should he win Big Brother 18.

[Image: CBS Big Brother James Huling Facebook]