Ariana Grande And Mac Miller Hook Up, ‘Into You’ Ariana ‘Kissing And Giggling’ With Miller On Hot Date

Ariana Grande has two Macs on the string right now, and she’s “rolling the dice” and playing the game. She’s got a great relationship going with MAC makeup, but the singer’s looking for something more according to TMZ. Seems like Ariana wants a Mac who can make out, not just make up. Late Sunday night, Grande was spotted hanging out with another Mac, rapper Mac Miller.

Not everyone is happy about the hook up, and there’s lots of shade being thrown by Ariana’s loyal following.


One fan, who goes by the Twitter name of Cami, tweeted that she doesn’t want to believe the two are dating even though the signs are piling up.


Another person just said “ew” at the thought that Mac and Ariana are now officially together.

Sorry, Cami, but we think you’re right about those signs, and Becky, it looks like you’re just going to have to put up with Ariana and Mac hooking up. When two people are seen “sucking down sushi and each other’s faces” that’s got to be more than a couple of friends out for dinner. The “kissing and giggling” sushi date that TMZ described took place at Katsu-Ya in Encino the night of Sunday August 21 and according to eyewitnesses, the two couldn’t keep their hands off of each other.


Ariana and Mac have a history that makes this new situation totally believable too. Before Ariana and Big Sean were together, Miller was “on the scene” as Grande’s boyfriend in her “The Way” music video. Grande just made a move that totally makes it look even more that she and Miller are dating, when she brought him out at the Hot 100 Fest to sing “The Way” with her.


According to Billboard, Grande’s set was a “short-but-sweet run through” of hits like “Problem,” “Dangerous Woman,” and “Bang Bang,” but the big “smash” was a “surprise performance” from Mac Miller. Mac did “kick-start” Ariana’s stardom three years ago when he acted the part of her boyfriend in “The Way.” A fan said those lyrics that Miller sang are coming true for the musical couple.

“You’re a princess to the public, but a freak when it’s time.”


Miller has really “downplayed” Grande’s place in his life in interviews, as fans became more and more curious to know exactly what was up between them. Miller has said in the past that there’s no romantic connection between them, and he’s even described Ariana as just a “homey.” We don’t think that the couple’s recent sizzling display of PDA looks like that’s how he still thinks of her.

“Witnesses tell us at one point Ariana was even lying on his lap.”

She’s a “Dangerous Woman,” Ariana, and Grande’s lyrics might have been a clue to Miller that she wasn’t going to put up with just being the rapper’s homey. When Grande is into you and the temperature is rising, you better be into Ariana too.

“A little bit dangerous, but baby, that’s how I want it.”

Ariana’s MAC cosmetics relationship is heating up just as much as her hook up with Miller. People wrote that it’s been her “most glam week ever” with MAC, and the “makeup-obsessed” Ariana fans out there can get as glam as the star herself while doing some real good in the world. “100 percent of the proceeds” from Grande’s MAC makeup collection go to help people of all ages who are suffering from AIDS and HIV.


The Macs in Ariana’s life seem to be treating the “Problem” singer well, and so far aren’t causing her any problems. What do you think of a romance between Grande and Miller?

[Photo by Charley Gallay/Getty Images for MAC Cosmetics]