Dear Trump Supporter: A Love Letter From A Berner

Hey, Trump Voter,

I wanted to reach out. I am an ardent Bernie Sanders fan, and though we may disagree greatly about what the solutions to the problems are, it seems like we are coming to an agreement about what the problem is. We are different creatures, but we have much in common, and I want to touch antennae for a moment.

First, let me say — your anger is intelligent. Your anger is correct. The focus of your anger could do with a little tweaking in our opnion, but you’re basically in the right arena. There is a huge unfairness, as well as some insecurity, across the nation right now, and we need nothing less than a revolution to fix it.

Secondly, for us, it’s getting really weird in here. Friends, family, and lovers are shrieking hysterically at us that we have to vote for her, and it’s starting to look like nothing will sway them. They could find out she was dead already and were using an actor, and they’d still be insisting we vote for her. Honestly. They don’t care anymore because they’re so darn scared of your guy. Not unlike Hillary herself, they have no moral compass and will do anything to get her over the line now, even if she’s in a coffin. It’s sick. They’re sick.

Thirdly, and mainly why I wrote, you have to know — there is no way, given what we saw during the primaries, that Trump will be allowed to win. No. Way. Here in the Bernie camp, we saw huge discrepancies in the exit polls, particularly in booths without a paper trail, so much so that they had to stop doing them they were so third-world-esque embarrassing.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg, though. To list all the crimes and suppression and fraudulent behavior during those primaries, to write it all here for you, would suck what little hope I have left right out of me. I have to confess: we’re close to done. There was so much relentless irregularity, we’ve got a full-blown case of election fraud fatigue. In fact, when Dan Rolles came out a few days ago showing Clinton stole Nevada, we could barely care at all. Any spark of outrage from us gets immediately jeered down by this increasingly sociopathic Hillary crowd. They’re really, really mean, and we’re exhausted.

You won’t win. They will do anything to get their gal through. Anything. And they have the full support of the media.

The media has taken great joy in being the publicity arm of Hillary Clinton’s campaign. CNN even had a self-congratulatory party at the DNC Convention. Recently, a CNN reporter even laughingly admitted on air that they “couldn’t help her anymore than they have” and they had given her “a free ride.”

“We’re the biggest ones promoting her campaign!”

This is new for us. Liberals, as you’ve probably heard, are usually bleeding hearts. We care. We care about fairness, about justice, about everyone getting a vote even if we don’t agree with them. That’s not these guys. Clinton voters don’t care. They just want to win; they don’t care how. This election cycle has shown up the amorality of a significant faction of liberals. Compare the liberal morality to that of the 70s when eight minutes of deleted tape got Nixon impeached. But in 2016, deleting 44,900 emails meant nothing to the campaign of a woman who hadn’t even secured the primary nomination.

In 1974, Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein were considered heroes for uncovering the Watergate scandal. In 2016, there are calls from liberals for Julian Assange’s assassination.

The whistleblower, known as Deep Throat and later revealed to be William Mark Felt, Sr., the deputy director of the FBI at the time, was afforded the greatest of respect, anonymity, and protection. In 2016, DNC staffer Seth Rich, the person Julian Assange implied was the whistleblower, died a few months ago in a “botched robbery,” so botched that he wasn’t robbed at all, without so much as a question from the media, the public, or the public prosecutors. The silence from liberals was eerily deafening.

Aww man, look at him. What a cutie! It breaks my heart. He’s one of us. You can tell, because we are the meek, dorky ones. I know you Trump supporters think that because of that, we’re cowards, but we’re not. Julian Assange hasn’t seen sun for four years, Edward Snowden will probably never set foot on American soil again, and Chelsea Manning will die in prison. These are our people. We fight peacefully, but that doesn’t mean we don’t fight hard. Our moral compass is set to true, and we do not back down.

We’re intelligent and peaceful, but we’re fighting with everything we have, and we’re getting destroyed in here. We’re getting destroyed by the very forces of darkness that you have your sights set on. No, not the everyday Muslims and the poor old wage-slave Mexicans, but the actual establishment that has taken over our government, driven down wages and employment, created our rapidly increasing poverty, destroyed our towns through oil-fuelled climate chaos, made all the wars that create terrorists and insecurity for us and massive profits for them. In short, the people who profit from our poverty and suffering. The people who pay Hillary Clinton. Corruption is legal in America and the Clintons cash in the most.

These few people are massively powerful because they run the media, and they own most of the systems, and they’re about to own all arms of the government. It’s not some spooky conspiracy theory — it’s just money and government. The big money is buying up the government. Pay-to-play. And we cannot stand by and let that happen.

Now, here’s the thing — we’ve seen them at work for over a year now, from the inside. And we’ve gathered a lot of intel. Like I said, we’re pretty smart. We’ve got some pretty cool ideas in general. You would probably do well to listen in on us more.

So I just wanted to write and say — we hear you. There’s something really wrong here, and it needs to be fixed. I wanted to tip my hat to you from across the barrier and raise a fist in silent solidarity.

And maybe, just maybe, perhaps even one day soon, we could combine your strength with our insider intel and turn this thing around 180. Create a secure and happy world for all of us, and a great, prosperous, and healthy future for our kids.

So, my dear Trump supporters, we might not talk again for a while, but in the words of one of our heroes Nina Turner, we fight on, and we hope you do, too.

Yours in truth,

The meek and dorky ones.

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