Donald Trump’s Shift On Immigration Is ‘Shifty’

Now that Donald Trump has slowed down on making negative headlines, he’s making them this week over his shift on immigration. A stance which everyone can pin to the wall he’s promised to build along the Mexican-American border.

The discussion over his shift on immigration assumes that he’s taking a new direction, taking back his promise to build that wall or rather, to deport millions of immigrants from the United States.

As the German Press Agency has reported via Raw Story, Donald Trump met with Hispanic leaders over the weekend in New York, and a reporter for Univision said that the Republican presidential nominee would be introducing this week, a new plan to legalize illegal immigrants in this country which would clearly indicate a drastic shift on immigration.

The same report, however, says that a Republican who was at the meeting with Trump on Saturday, said that this shift on immigration that Univision reported was mis-characterized, and that he did not speak in favor of offering legalization.

Donald Trump cornered the market in anti-immigration voters. Anti-immigrant protesters in 2007, long before Donald Trump would become their candidate, in Vinings, Georgia, United States. [Image by Mike Schinkel via Flickr/CC BY 2.0]NBC News published a time-line around this potential shift on immigration, showing how his hard-line supporters were formed around this idea of cracking down on illegal immigration.

Hillary Clinton’s running mate Tim Kaine — who is also fluent in Spanish — dismissed this rumored shift on the most controversial issue between both parties, saying it was more of the same and to not be tricked into Donald Trump’s new approach.

What he did not seem to point out, as the NBC News article notes, is the expectation that Donald Trump’s campaign would try to gain more voters with another shift, one with a softer tone after spending over a year campaigning on keeping out immigrants, and voters should be suspicious.


A topic of priority in the United States has been immigrants coming in from the Southern border, particularly because of the lack of English speaking people who tend to get equal jobs and treatment while being here illegally. The demographic of white working class people who are angered by that, are the supporters who rally around Donald Trump and for the most part, have rejected traditional Republicans for not working hard enough or being angry enough to do something about it.

While those supporters have been persistent in supporting Donald Trump no matter how reckless he’s been over the last year, it’s hard to say if his shift on immigration is real, or even if this might be the one reason they bail if it’s confirmed that it is.

An op-ed on the Inquisitr points out very simply, why there’s no way that Donald Trump is going to win this election. And again, there’s no reason why anything is going to turn around for him during these last two and a half months before the general election.

Donald Trump makes weird promises on immigration? Donald Trump speaks at a campaign rally in Des Moines, Iowa. [Image by Charlie Neibergall/AP Photo]So this rumored shift on immigration of his is merely an attempt to take his issues seriously; not just seeing if he’s going to turn-it-around.

As the Inquisitr also noted with the addition of a Breitbart owner, Stephen Bannon, and pollster Kellyanne Conway, there’s the idea that they’re going to be able to salvage and help him win by forcing him to change his tone and be more accessible.

Again, even if his shift on immigration is true, it’s only so that he can trick the general electorate to follow him into November, which in itself should be suspicious.

Perhaps it would be best if he were to disguise his shift on immigration by telling everyone at a secret rally — when he’s banned all of the media — that he’s just shifting to win, then he won’t lose all of his hardcore supporters and still be able to tap into the rest of America to stand a chance?

[Image by Gage Skidmore via Flickr/CC BY-SA 2.0]