Ann Romney Explains Mitt’s Comments About Airplane Windows, 47 Percent Video

ann romney jay leno

Ann Romney is tasked with a tough job this election, glossing over the many missteps of her husband Mitt as he embarks on the rocky road to the White House in November.

Romney seems to have a bit of a hard time speaking with finesse and clarity when he is under pressure, and he often seems to engage in some Bush-style basic flubbing when trying to be chilled out and chatty with voters or audiences.

Recently, Mitt was under fire for two particular and very different verbal slip-ups: One was during his secretly recorded remarks made at a $50,000-a-plate fundraiser in Florida in May, and the other was his quip about plane windows rolling down when wife Ann was in a plane that was forced to land after the cabin filled up with smoke.

The “47 percent” comments made at the fundraiser were a bit more potentially damaging to the Romney campaign, and Ann Romney addressed both sets of remarks during a recent appearance on the Tonight Show, speaking to Jay Leno.

Of the airplane fiasco, Ann Romney said:

“It’s his way of making light of how worried he is about me … It’s his way of dealing with the panic of knowing how dangerous this was.”

Mrs. Romney has often refused to deviate from an approved line of discussion, telling reporters that she won’t get off message or discuss certain matters like birth control. And speaking with Leno about the airplane fiasco, she reiterated her frustration with a media that won’t stay on the message she wishes to project:

” … it’s very frustrating thing because you try so hard to get your message out … You don’t like those things to get misinterpreted as to what, why we’re running and how strongly I believe and how important it is to what Mitt can bring to this country … we care about the 100 percent.”

Did you catch possible future First Lady Ann Romney speaking to Jay Leno?