‘Big Brother 18’ Spoilers: James Huling, Nicole Franzel Caught Offering ‘BB18’ House Bribes To Win?

Big Brother 18 spoilers now indicate that James Huling and Nicole Franzel broke some BB18 house rules over the past 24 hours. Offering bribes in exchange for votes or support in the BB18 house is against the rules, as it could sway how the winner is determined. A report from trusted fan site Big Brother Network states that something along those lines has taken place overnight.

“James tells Nicole he will give Natalie, her, and Corey $10,000 each if he won. Nicole agrees and says she’d also send each of them cash except for Corey who would get a gift since he doesn’t need the cash and would just return it.”

This is a tactic that is blatantly violating the rules of most game shows, whether it is a reality competition show or a trivia show like Jeopardy. That the conversation and repeated agreement took place between two returning houseguests just makes it worse. The duo would even go on to explain that they would be giving “cash” to each of the people from their final four alliance should Nicole Franzel or James Huling win the $500,000 prize.

These might be more notable Big Brother 18 spoilers than how the Power of Veto was used on Monday (August 22), as production eventually had to step in and do something about it. It took them several hours to address the “bribes” that were taking place, though, leading to a lot of complaints from fans on social media about the conversation. At just about 4 a.m. Monday morning, Nicole got called to the Diary Room and then returned to give all the houseguests a message in the HOH room.

“James, we got in trouble. I have to say on camera I won’t buy, I won’t get you something nice.”

James Huling wasn’t spared from having to admit he took part in this conversation, as he was called to the Diary Room shortly after Nicole Franzel had finished her speech. While James was gone, a discussion began among Michelle Meyer, Paul Abrahamian, and Victor Arroyo about what might have happened. James then returns a bit later with a message of his own to the houseguests. He too states that he isn’t allowed to buy anything for the remaining houseguests.

There is a wide interpretation among fans about what took place during the conversations that Nicole Franzel and James Huling had in the BB18 house. As previously mentioned in these Big Brother 18 spoilers, no form of bribery is allowed in the game, so they really violated an important rule. When the producers stepped in, they also didn’t force Nicole or James to admit that they had promised $10,000 in cash. Are Nicole and James getting preferential treatment because they are fan favorites?

The mere fact that it appears the production team has given Nicole and James no real punishments for these actions isn’t sitting well with many fans of the show who have been paying close attention to the CBS live feeds. Every season, there are conspiracy theories about production trying to gear the show toward a specific outcome. With two fan favorites agreeing to bribe other houseguests with money and not receiving a significant punishment in the BB18 house has only fanned those flames. An easy solution could have been to make each a “Have Not” for the rest of summer 2016.

This likely won’t be the end of this topic in the BB18 house, as Michelle Meyer, Paul Abrahamian, and Victor Arroyo each know that they haven’t been given the full story about what took place. Fans should not be surprised if future installments of Big Brother 18 spoilers expound upon this same topic before the season finale airs in late September.

[Photo by CBS Big Brother/Twitter]