John Travolta Turned Down Oscar-Winning Role, May Play George W. Bush In Next ‘American Crime Story’: Accused Of Being A Sexual Predator

John Travolta, the American actor, singer, and dancer, has come a long way since making his debut in Welcome Back, Kotter, the 1975 television series in which he played the role of heartthrob Vinnie Barbarino. Later, the Face/Off actor went on to achieve even more success after he won major roles in movies like Saturday Night Fever and Grease, both of which became box office successes. Despite the decline in his career in the 80s, John Travolta bounced back in the 90s by delivering stellar performances in movies like Pulp Fiction, Face/Off, and Swordfish.

Apart from his good looks and electrifying dance moves, John Travolta is also known as a talented actor who was nominated for the Academy Award in the Best Actor category for his performances in both Saturday Night Fever and Pulp Fiction. In fact, Filmfare reports that John Travolta was offered the lead role in Forrest Gump, the 1994 hit movie that won six Academy Awards.

Unfortunately, John Travolta turned down the role that was eventually played by Tom Hanks. The actor regrets his decision to pass on the iconic role, particularly as Tom Hanks went on to win an Academy Award for doing justice to the character through his brilliant performance. Now, fans of the iconic movie cannot conceive of anyone other than Tom Hanks playing the character, and fans can only imagine how different the movie would have been with another main actor. Whether it would still have become the smash success that it turned out to be with Tom Hanks at the helm is a matter for debate.

However, the missed opportunity did not deter John Travolta from starring in other film and television projects, and even today, the actor is as active as ever. Recently, Travolta was seen acting in the first season of American Crime Story, an FX crime anthology television series based on true events.

Season one of the series was titled The People versus O.J. Simpson, and the plot focused on the infamous trial of O.J. Simpson, the football player who was accused of murdering his ex-wife and a waiter from a local restaurant. John Travolta was seen playing the role of Robert Shapiro, the American lawyer who defended the accused.

The Wild Hogs actor’s performance in the series was critically acclaimed, and he won a nomination for an Emmy Award. According to CNN, John Travolta agreed that his nomination for the Emmy Award was one of the biggest compliments that he has ever received for his work.

“I did not assume at all [that I would be nominated] by the way, because I’ve been around too long. I’ve been acknowledged over the years for various performances, but the big acknowledgments were Saturday Night Fever, Pulp Fiction, and this.”

The actor has revealed that the emotional stories and dramas featured in the series have motivated him to play a key role in the upcoming season that will focus on the devastating aftermath caused by Hurricane Katrina. Ryan Murphy, one of the producers of American Crime Story, revealed that the upcoming season would have actors who will portray senior U.S. administrators like President George W. Bush and Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice. According to Uproxx, John Travolta may prove to be the rightful candidate to portray President George W. Bush, especially after his superb performance in the first season of the new show.

John Travolta’s illustrious career has been somewhat hampered by ongoing rumors that he is secretly gay, and that he has had affairs with various male employees. This had led to several allegations of sexual misconduct by the Broken Arrow actor. Earlier, the actor was accused of having a gay affair with a former employee, and there have been rumors that the various accusations have marred the actor’s relationship with Kelly Preston; his actress wife to whom he has been married since 1991.

Now, Amanda Bynes, John’s co-star in Hairspray, has accused the actor being a pervert with a penchant for sexually harassing men. According to Hollywood Life, Amanda tweeted that she has the required evidence that will expose John Travolta as a “sexual predator.”

Despite the rumors surrounding the actor’s alleged double life, John Travolta and his wife have presented a united front during the 25 years of their marriage, and they seem to know how to protect the sanctity of their marriage. Recently, Kelly Preston revealed the contradictory parenting styles that the couple has adopted within their happy family. According to People’s Celebrity Babies, Kelly Preston disclosed that even though John Travolta plays tough guys on screen, in reality, he makes a lovable and a lenient dad who lets his children have it all their own way.

In contrast, John Travolta’s wife claims to be a strict mother who refuses to pamper her children.

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