Chicago Prosecutor Arrested For Allegedly Biting A Man’s Leg [Video]

sarah naughton arrested chicago

Chicago, IL – Assistant State’s Attorney Sarah Naughton was arrested for allegedly biting a man’s like during a drunken incident at the Taboo Tabou lingerie store. A video captured the frantically crying public servant complaining to police officers about how tight her handcuffs were as she was escorted out of the store.

Police reports maintain that both Naughton and the man with her were both drunk when they entered the Chicago adult store. The pair was reportedly asked to leave not long after they ventured through the door. The amateur video and police report recreate a scene which seems far more appropriate for a cheesy reality show than an evening out on the town by a woman tasked with putting criminals behind bars.

Sarah Naughton, 31, is accused of becoming belligerent with the store manager and biting his leg. Bradley Gould, the attorney’s male companion, allegedly made menacing gestures towards the lingerie store manager and shoved the man, according to the Daily Mail.

While sitting on the curb and wailing hysterically, Naughton rocked back and forth and called the female police officer a f***ing b***h w***e. Taboo Tabou owner Mark Thomas stated during an interview with NBC Chicago that his staffers asked the couple if they had been drinking and suggested they come back when they were sober.

Thomas had this to say about the unusual shopping experience:

“Miss Naughton became enraged and pulled out a badge and said you can’t do this to me, I’m a state’s attorney.”

After she was booked and released on bond, Naughton was placed on administrative leave pending the outcome of the investigation.