Michelle Dockery Fans Shocked To See A Completely Different Side Of ‘Downton Abbey’s Lady Mary Crawley In Seductive Thriller ‘Good Behavior’

Michelle Dockery, the English actress, gained recognition and stardom through her portrayal of Lady Mary Crawley in Downton Abbey, an ITV period drama which follows the lives of the aristocratic Crawley family and their servants.

Playing a highborn but stoic character like Lady Mary Crawley helped Michelle to shape her career over the course of the series that ended in December 2015. Michelle’s performance in Downton Abbey made critics take heed of her talent as her role in the series saw her nominated for multiple Emmy Awards and Golden Globe Awards.

Despite the conclusion of the series, Michelle Dockery is optimistic that the popular series may not be over yet as it has become a cult hit, and there was a strong possibility that is may be remade into a full-fledged movie. However, the actress is sad that she had to bid adieu to her Downton Abbey co-stars, who were a part of the incredible journey of six years. According to the Mirror, Michelle shared how the cast members grew into a closely knit family during the duration of the show.

“The thing that I miss the most is my cast members. But we are all still very close. I think there is potential for a film.”

Apart from being disappointed by Downton Abbey’s conclusion, Michelle Dockery has been going through an extremely difficult time lately after the death of her fiancé, John Dineen, who lost his battle with a rare form of cancer. And while difficult times have certainly befallen Michelle Dockery, it was the love of her friends and family that helped the actress to cope with the tragedy.

Despite her loss and disappointment, Michelle Dockery has decided to move on and garner strength by focusing on her work. In fact, Michelle has already become involved in the filming of Good Behavior, an upcoming television drama series in which Michelle plays the role of Letty Dobesh who aims to derail the job of a hitman.

Michelle’s character in the series is a petty thief and a con artist who is also a drug addict. Much to the shock of her fans who know her best from her years-long role in Downton Abbey, Michelle Dockery will be portraying a degenerated character that is far from the polished Lady Mary Crawley. Instead of exchanging high-society pleasantries, Michelle’s Letty Dobesh will be seen belting out words that will be gross and coarse. According to the Telegraph, Good Behavior may not be appropriate for some fans of Downton Abbey, as the trailer of the upcoming series depicts Michelle playfully rolling on the bed with a man who pours alcohol on her stomach.

Watch the trailer here.

However, the actress is excited about the opportunity to display another side of her acting skills in the upcoming series that is marketed as a “seductive thriller.” This is because Letty Dobesh, Michelle’s on-screen character, is shown to have mastered the “art of disguise” in addition to having the ability to speak in different accents. Additionally, Vanity Fair reports that her role in Good Behavior will enable Michelle to portray different character types by using various costumes.

The UK-born Michelle Dockery has admitted that she is looking forward to the challenge of portraying the raw and colorful Letty Dobesh because, in reality, she speaks with an accent that has an Essex twang that is attributed to her British upbringing. In Michelle’s opinion, she is fortunate to have an opportunity to play two strong yet contrasting characters in Downton Abbey and Good Behavior, as the combined experiences have helped her to harness her potential and evolve as an actress. According to the Mirror, Michelle Dockery confessed to being completely enticed by the character that she will be portraying in Good Behavior.

“It wasn’t a conscious decision to do something so totally different from Lady Mary but I was completely hooked on the script from the first page and I loved the complexity of the character.”

Currently, the actress is shuttling between various locations within the United States to fulfill her professional commitments. Recently, Michelle flew back to her temporary base in North Carolina from New Mexico after filming for Godless, a Netflix television western series that also features Jack O’Connell and Jeff Daniels.

[Photo by Dennis Van Tine/STAR MAX/IPx]