‘The Mindy Project’ Season 5 Spoilers: B.J. Novak Returns For ‘Juicy Arc,’ What’s Next For Mindy And Danny?

B.J. Novak and Bill Hader are set to return for another episode of The Mindy Project Season 5. Saturday Night Live’s Nasim Pedrad will also be making her debut on the Hulu comedy as Mindy Lahiri’s (Mindy Kaling) pediatrician.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, fans of The Mindy Project will be thrilled to see both new and old faces this Season 5. B.J. Novak will reprise his role as Latin professor Jamie for another “juicy little arc.” SNL’s Nasim Pedrad will be playing Leo’s (Mindy and Danny’s son) pediatrician.

“I’ve been dying to write for her forever. She fits so perfectly in our world,” Kaling said of Pedrad.

The Mindy Project Season 4 ended with a huge cliffhanger. Will Mindy choose Danny (Chris Messina) or Jody (Garret Dillahunt)? Will Danny end his engagement and get back together with Mindy?

During Hulu’s presentation at the Television Critics Association summer press tour, via Variety, Mindy Project executive producer Matt Warburton said that the big reveal will definitely happen during the Season 5 premiere, aptly titled “Decisions 2016.”

“We’re not going to leave [people] hanging,” Warburton said.

No matter what happens, Warburton and Kaling said that Chris Messina’s Danny Castellano would always be part of the show.

“We love Chris, he loves working on the show, he’s Leo’s dad, so he’ll always have a place on the show. The characters are broken up; we only have so much real estate, so it just makes sense for him to have a smaller role,” he said.

“He’s still in the world of the show, fans don’t have to worry,” Kaling added.

In an interview with E! News, Mindy Kaling admitted that some The Mindy Project fans were worried about not seeing much of Danny and Mindy on the show. Given that they share a child together, Kaling pointed out that Danny will always have a place in Mindy’s heart, maybe not as a partner, but as a father to Leo.

“I don’t want to scare people off about him not being in the show because the character is built into the fabric of the show, especially as the father of Mindy’s child. People will not miss Danny because he’s going to be there. We would never do that to the audience, so people don’t have to worry about it,” she explained.

Kaling added that they value feedback from Mindy Project fans and would never do anything to cause the audience pain. She, however, pointed out that they were trying their best to stay true to Mindy and Danny’s character. Even if the two had good chemistry together, at some point they have to admit that they are just two very different people, which made it quite difficult for their relationship to work.

“They dated and they were very happy and they have very good chemistry, but that relationship is also very volatile because they’re super different. And I think that almost everyone I’ve ever met has been in a romantic relationship where people try to change and they can’t, which ultimately is why they break up, and we tried to show that,” Kaling said.

Apart from not being too concerned about ratings, Mindy Kaling shared that another advantage of their show transferring to Hulu is that they were able to show the sadder parts of relationships, something that they would not be able to do if they were on a network. Kaling added that Chris Messina is definitely on board in terms of where his character and The Mindy Project Season 5 are heading.

“Chris is such a good actor, he nailed the drama. In fact, he thrives on it. He loves the conflict, so it made me love acting in those scenes even more,” she recounted.

The Mindy Project Season 5 premieres October 4 on Hulu.

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