Giuliani: Hillary Clinton Illness Evident On Video, Health Claims Still Lack Evidence?

With Hillary Clinton ahead in most polls, opponents have questioned whether the Democratic nominee is hiding an illness.

Former Mayor of New York City and Trump Adviser Rudy Giuliani claims that online videos prove Hillary Clinton has an illness and is unfit to serve as President.

Giuliani also defended Trump alluding to the media having a bias against the Republican nominee. Appearing on Fox News Sunday, Mr. Giuliani said that Hillary Clinton has “an entire media that constantly demonizes Donald Trump.”

Trump has also made this claim and has frequently attacked CNN and The Washington Post on Twitter.

During his Fox News appearance, Giuliani encouraged viewers to go online to see that Hillary Clinton has an illness.


The host responded to the former Mayor citing that there is no proof that there is something wrong with Hillary Clinton’s health.

“Go online and put down ‘Hillary Clinton illness,’ take a look at the videos for yourself,” he said.

Earlier this month, fake medical records of Hillary Clinton were posted on Twitter. Snopes found that the health record was designed to impersonate Hillary Clinton’s real doctor. However, there were formatting issues and other errors that revealed the medical record to be fake.

The “leaked” document claims Hillary Clinton’s illnesses include Dementia and complex partial seizures.

There was also rumors that Hillary Clinton suffered a seizure on camera back in June this year. However, another angle of the video shows that Hillary Clinton was reacting to a reporter asking her questions about Elizabeth Warren from her blindside.

Last week, Sean Hannity questioned Hillary Clinton’s health and whether she has an illness she is hiding. While he did not present any conclusive evidence, Hannity cited a few photograph and videos of Hillary Clinton falling over the years as proof.

Hannity also stated that he thinks Hillary should release her medical records.

Donald Trump himself has alluded to Hillary Clinton not having the stamina at a Fox News town hall interview hosted by Sean Hannity and Trump supporter. The Republican nominee said, “She doesn’t really do that much. She’ll give a speech on a teleprompter and then she’ll disappear. I don’t know if she goes home [and] goes to sleep. I think she sleeps. I guess she takes a lot of weekends off. She takes a lot of time off. And you know that’s, frankly — frankly, it’s really not fair.”


According to Politico, Clinton’s campaign responded to Trump’s criticism.

The Clinton campaign responded to Donald Trump’s jabs about Hillary Clinton’s ability to be President with the following.

“While it is dismaying to see the Republican nominee for president push deranged conspiracy theories in a foreign policy speech, it’s no longer surprising,” wrote Jennifer Palmieri, Clinton’s communications director.

Some Republicans fear a Democratic landslide with Hillary Clinton winning the battleground states in most polls.

Donald Trump has radically shifted his campaign structure for the second time during the 2016 Presidential election race.


Cory Lewandowski was replaced by Paul Manafort, who recently resigned possibly due to his ties to Russia and the Ukraine.

Trump has started to show some change to his strategy when he admitted to having some regret over some of the things he has said in the past. He hired Breitbart. chief Stephen K. Bannon to be his campaign CEO.

Giuliani doesn’t believe that Trump is far behind Hillary Clinton. He believes that Donald Trump can win states where Republicans struggled in the past.

Some political analysts claim that Hillary Clinton illness conspiracies are an act of desperation by Republicans who feel Trump is losing the election.

There are no reports that Hillary Clinton is going to release her medical records and her campaign continues to remind the public that Donald Trump has not released his tax returns.

Both candidates struggle with trustworthiness among voters.

Will Hillary Clinton prove she doesn’t have an illness that will prevent her from becoming President, and does she really need to?

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