‘Big Brother 18’ Week 9 Spoilers: A New HOH Crowned, Care Package Delivery, POV Shakes Up The Game, And A Shocking Backdoor Planned

Big Brother 18 evicted Paulie Calafiore on Thursday, August 18, and the show hasn’t slowed down ever since. Just hours after Paulie walked out the door, a new HOH (Head of Household) was crowned and wanted to shake up the Big Brother game. As part of this week’s Care Package, a player was awarded the advantage of being the co-HOH for the week. The POV (Power of Veto) winner changes the target of the week, setting the stage for a massive blindside on Thursday.

'Big Brother 18' Head of Household Week 9 comp [Image via CBS]On Thursday night, Natalie Negrotti won her first HOH of the Big Brother season. Almost immediately, she told James Huling that her target is Paul Abrahamian. She had several reasons to target him, but the biggest beef she had with him was his questionable loyalty. She decided to put Victor Arroyo and Paul on the block for Week 9.

The first curve ball of the week came when America picked Michelle Meyer for the weekly Care Package. As part of the Big Brother 18 advantage, Michelle became the co-HOH and named one of the two nominees. Michelle believed, at first, that she wanted to put Nicole Franzel on the block, and get rid of her once and for all. After some time chatting with Natalie, she agreed to put up Paul.

'Big Brother 18' Week 9 Care Package Delivery [Image via CBS]Big Brother Network reports that Natalie worked with Michelle, and they decided to nominate Paul and Victor for Week 9. Michelle was not 100 percent on board but decided to trust Natalie’s instincts. Immediately following the nomination ceremony, the girls regretted putting them on the block and planned to backdoor Corey Brooks or Nicole after the POV (Power of Veto) competition.

Big Brother 18 spoilers indicate that after the nomination ceremony, Paul called out Nicole on “all her lies” and had Michelle and Natalie in tears. They feared they made a big mistake by targeting him and begged him to forgive them. After thinking overnight, Natalie comes to the conclusion that it is time to get Paul out of the Big Brother house. She told James that she felt “bullied” by Paul and felt that most of the Big Brother house was terrified of his “Paulie-like meltdowns.”


Big Brother 18 spoilers indicate that the POV competition was almost five hours long, and Paul pulled off a win. Much to Natalie’s disappointment, getting rid of Paul this week will not happen. She turned her sights on Victor. There are plenty of reasons to target him this week, the main one being his ability to win competitions.


Online Big Brother reports that Natalie will urge Michelle to nominate Corey Brooks in Paul’s place, with the plan to evict Victor on Thursday. With only three people voting this week, they only need two votes to evict Victor.

Big Brother 18 spoilers indicate that the POV meeting should be uneventful with either Corey or Nicole as the replacement nominee. The blindside will happen on Thursday when James casts the deciding vote to evict Victor. Michelle and Paul will be shocked by James’ betrayal. Let’s hope it doesn’t land him in hot water and place a huge target on his back.

The one detail about Week 10 that the Big Brother houseguests are in the dark about is the jury buyback competition. Paulie, Zakiyah Everette, Bridgette Dunning, Da’Vonne Rogers, and this week’s evictee will battle for a chance to come back into the game.


Next week should be interesting with Michelle and Natalie unable to play in the HOH competition and a returning jury member entering the Big Brother house. Big Brother 18 fans, who do you think Michelle should name as the replacement nominee? Do you think Paulie will win the jury buyback competition?

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