Shower Caps Are The Latest Hair Accessory Trend For Fashion Statements And Bad Hair Days

Limp hair? Frizzy hair? Flat iron on the fritz? No time to wash your hair? Why not try a a shower cap? These are not the cheap clear plastic models that grandma swiped from the hotel’s toiletries kit. These have design and pizzazz! Shower caps are now the rage and women all over the world are embracing this quirky and fun fashion trend.

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What started out as streetwear has now become such a huge fashion trend that the New York Times has stopped the presses to sing the praises of this simple head cover. Perhaps this hat-like fashion trend is for the modern woman living in a warmer world in this age of climate change?

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These shower caps do not sound like cling wrap unraveling, nor do these updated versions have that plastic smell like the old ones. They are made with a modern, quick-dry fabric that is firm, yet with just enough stretch to snugly fit over any sized head, yet not leave any lines on the skin. The soft caps are water-resistant, yet keep any humidity out. And instead of finding these hiding in the corner of your local drugstore, they can be found online and at boutiques, starting out a high fashion price of $40 bucks a cap.

There are different styles of shower caps including a more traditional shower cap look to a chic turban-style vision that gives you a retro Palm Springs Hollywood starlet sort of look.

Jacquelyn De Jesu, the 30-year-old founder of Shhhower Cap is one of the reasons that these innovative and beautiful caps are all the rage.

“Once I started learning about all of the advancements and constructions of active wear and performance wear, I decided that all of this stuff are things that could be applied to this space that had zero innovation.”

Just a few months ago, Kaley Cuoco and her friends took a selfie showing off their favorite styles. While Kaley nor any of her friends appeared to have any hair issues, they looked absolutely adorable in these colorful caps. Because of the snazzy colors and designs, they look more like hats than shower caps. But then again, looking good is the whole point of wearing them.

In Style did their own investigative research and spoke with creators of the modern shower cap. When they caught up with Simone Taylor, founder of Louvelle, an upscale Australian shower wear company, they asked why shower caps are actually a thing.

“Women need to protect their blowouts from steam in the shower, but we don’t need to look like cream puffs doing it.”

They also asked why shower caps? This shower cap entrepreneur decided to create shower caps that were versatile as well as beautiful. Most of all, Taylor wanted to create something that would not make her husband laugh, as did the old school ones that she used to wear. Creating something beautiful to wear was a personal challenge.

“I wanted to make a shower cap as chic as everything else in a woman’s wardrobe.”

Although the makers of the upgraded shower caps feel that they have created a fashion statement, some wearers are more concerned with their practical nature than how they actually look. For example, writer Aly Walansky does not care what others think of her shower cap look. She tames any potential embarrassment of wearing a shower cap in public with the notion that she is saving a great deal of money. That she is! The coast of a blowout is between $65 and $95, so every time she choses to don a shower cap instead of heading to her local hair stylist she is saving a lot of money.

“I’d much rather embarrass whomever I’m with than arrive where I’m going with bad hair. Blowouts are expensive.”

Have you tried the new shower cap trend? Did you try it for a fashion statement or to hide a bad hair day?

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