Melania Trump’s $356 Speech Writer Meredith McIver, Pictures, And Memes Have 163,000 People Talking On Facebook

Melania Trump is a woman who is constantly in the news for one reason or another. As reported by the Inquisitr, a book on Amazon that claims to expose Melania’s past is getting backlash from reviewers who are demanding that Amazon remove the book. Now Melania’s infamous Republican National Convention speech and her speech writer, Meredith McIver, are back in the news on Sunday, August 21.


According to CNBC, Melania’s speech writer is back in the news after Trump’s controversial RNC speech set social media on fire, because McIver is listed on the Trump campaign’s payroll. One buzzworthy thing about Meredith being listed on the payroll is the small amount of money that the writer of Melania’s speech was paid.

According to Trump’s campaign, Meredith was paid $356.01 on July 23. The date and the small amount of the payment to Melania’s speech writer are being questioned by people who note that the small payment to the writer came only a few days after Melania’s speech on July 18.

As a result of the information released on Saturday about Melania’s speech writer, Facebook reports that the search term “Meredith McIver writer” has more than 30,000 people talking about the subject matter on Facebook. The name “Meredith McIver” has more than 88,000 people talking on Facebook. Some have wondered if McIver is a real writer — or even a real person — and have questioned if Meredith was a figment of the Trump campaign’s imagination.

According to Snopes, however, Melania’s speech writer is a real person.

Also, the work of Melania’s speech writer can be seen in several works, such as the book titled Trump Never Give Up: How I Turned My Biggest Challenges into Success, which is listed on Amazon with a publication date of January 18, 2008 — with authors Donald J. Trump and McIver.

Meredith even has her own author page on Amazon, but McIver does not have her photo uploaded on that Amazon writer page.

The Federal Election Commission information that was released on Saturday has prompted more queries across social media than it has answered about the “in-house” writer who is McIver.

Meredith’s Twitter account was allegedly removed, so there’s little trace on social media of the Trump Organization writer whose speech closely mirrored a speech given in 2008 by Michelle Obama.

melania [Photos by AP Images]The search term “Melania Trump speech writer” has nearly 7,000 people talking about the topic on Facebook — a phrase only bested by the nearly 16,000 people on Facebook talking about “Melania Trump pictures.” Both of those search terms are beaten by the more than 20,000 people talking about “Melania Trump memes,” as reported currently by Facebook.

It was a must that McIver was paid for any work the writer performed for Melania’s speech because Meredith is employed by the Trump Organization and not Trump’s campaign. However, it isn’t known what parts of the speech McIver was compensated for — or if the payment to Meredith only represented editing work on Melania’s speech.

melania speech [Photo by J. Scott Applewhite/AP Images]Feedback about all things Melania from social media can be read below.

“I’m no Trump fan at all, but, most politicians have writers on their payroll who pen all their speeches and their wives speeches, this is nothing new.”

“Is Michelle Obama also listed…she wrote a big chunk of it.”

“Where has Melania been lately? I guess she’s not a fan of stumping along the campaign trail.”

“What ever happened to Melania? Why isn’t she out campaigning with her husband?”

“I finally figured out a name for the next GREAT reality show…. The Trumperor’s New Pros. We can even revisit with all the old pros like Paul Manafort, Sarah Palin and speech writer extraordinaire Meredith McIver. You know the opening song could be something like ‘All the Best Words for all the Best People.'”

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