10 Scary Found Footage Horror Movies Streaming On Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime is currently offering a wide variety of frighteningly good found footage horror movies, with 10 below that are sure to scare or at least entertainingly disturb fans of the genre.

Afflicted (2014) – Rated R

Two college buddies take the trip of a lifetime and document all they can get on video to create an online travel blog. One of them has an encounter with a mysterious woman, which results in him somehow developing what appears to be superhuman powers — at first. But, as time passes, he continues to change and tries to understand the terrifying affliction that is overtaking his mind and his body before it’s too late.


Besides being thoroughly entertaining, this movie has a slick, professional look and feel, unlike many found footage films, likely because CBS Films released it.

Amber Alert (2012) – Rated R

Friends make the decision to follow a car they believe was identified on an Amber Alert notification they spotted on the road. Things go sideways as they catch up to the driver and become embroiled in an attempted rescue as they document their entire endeavor.

This film is full of suspense and should keep viewers on the edge of their seats.

The Break-In (2016) – Rated R

A haunting tale of a young couple, Jeff and Melissa, with a baby on the way, tormented by the possibility they are being stalked by a dark figure who’s been breaking into homes in the area. As a precaution, Jeff installs an elaborate security system that includes cameras to ensure their abode is safe.

An interesting twist and alarming ending make this film a tense watch.

Dark Mountain (2014) – Not Rated

The film is the found footage of 3 filmmakers who vanished in 2011 while searching for the Lost Dutchman Mine in Arizona’s Superstition Mountains. The footage, seemingly inspired by real events, was discovered eight months later. The video depicts what they encounter, including a strange mountain man, bizarre lights in the sky, and demonic possession. The movie is a unique take on the found footage genre and leaves the viewer guessing about what happened to these three hapless movie makers.

Evil Things (2012) – Not Rated

An unseen stranger terrorizes a group of college students who’ve headed out to an isolated winter house for some snowy winter fun somewhere in upstate New York. On the way to their destination, they encounter a mysterious van that is initially a nuisance. However, after they reach their secluded hideaway, they learn the faceless van driver is out to do much more than annoy them. Although some of the banter is annoying, the scares and unique twist make this one worth the watch.

Followed (2015) – Not Rated

A couple makes a cross-country trip from Chicago to Los Angeles, having fun stopping at scenic sites and tourist attractions. But, along the way, it becomes clear the two are not alone, as the title aptly notes, someone with unknown motives is following them on their trek. Found footage fans may be able to catch the quickly inserted twist hint near the end of the film before it is revealed, which left the finale somewhat predictable. Despite this, the movie was very enjoyable, well made, and the interaction between the main characters was believable.

In Memorium (2005) – Not Rated

Blumhouse called this movie one of the “13 Lesser-Known Found Footage Horror Films We Dare You To Watch.” In the film, a young aspiring filmmaker, recently diagnosed with a terminal illness, rents a house with his girlfriend to document his sickness. To do so, he places cameras throughout the home that not only captures his struggle, but a supernatural shadow lurking about.


Although some of the footage is grainy, the overall feel of the film is eerie and downright disturbing.

Leaving D.C. (2012) – Not Rated

Mark is a writer who leaves the big city hustle and bustle of Washington, D.C., for the solitude of 17 acres in West Virginia. The peace he sought is disturbingly interrupted routinely in the wee hours of the night, as he hears strange noises during indicating something untoward may be going on in the woods outside his spacious home. His experiences are detailed on videos he uploads to friends back in D.C. The unsettling ending of the film may be frustrating for some, while others may enjoy coming up with a theory to explain just what took place.

Skew (2013) – Not Rated

Three friends embark on a road trip to attend a friend’s wedding, but when one of them documents their travels with his video camera, he learns all is not what it seems. At first, he believes there may be something wrong with his device, as some of the faces he sees in his viewfinder are distorted. He soon comes to realize those who appear distorted in the camera will shortly meet their demise. This film is a fresh take on the found footage genre that is truly original.

To Jennifer (2013) – Not Rated

Joey believes his girlfriend Jennifer is cheating on him because of a strange text he receives from her. He decides to enlist his cousin to help him catch her in the act of being unfaithful, and the two travel to her location, documenting their trip all the while. Joey plans to give Jennifer the video of his adventure once he meets up with her in an attempt to make her feel bad about her presumed behavior. According to the trailer, the movie was filmed entirely on the iPhone 5, which is impressive, but explains much of the incessant movement. If you can tolerate a shaky-cam style, the premise of the film is unique and intriguing. According to Horror Society, although the movie is somewhat “predictable,” it also “relies heavily on atmosphere and story instead of blood and gore,” which can be refreshing.

[Image via The Break-In Movie]