Surveillance Video Shows Auto Parts Store Owner Decapitated With Machete By 62-Year-Old Homeless Man He Gave Job

Court records have revealed that a business owner, who was found beaten and decapitated in southeast Houston, was killed by a 62-year-old employee, whom he had taken off the streets four years ago. The employee allegedly used a baseball bat and a machete to end the owner’s life.

Police have reported that the owner of the auto parts business was found decapitated on the floor of his business on Thursday. The deceased Good Samaritan man was a 58-year-Iranian immigrant by the name of Enayatolah Khorsand, better known as Andy, and on Friday, Raymond Jackson, a previously homeless man that Khorsand had aided by giving odd jobs around the shop, was arrested in connection to the brutal murder.


Friends of the brutally murdered immigrant are puzzled as to what could have motivated Jackson, who was saved from being homeless, to decapitate the man who had done so much for him. Connie Castillo, a close friend of the family of the decapitated victim for over 20 years spoke to the media regarding the two men.

“He was homeless and Andy decided to feed him, help him, and give him a job, give him food, give him whatever he was able to do. Because that was him. That was Andy. He always tried to help others,”

The Houston Chronicle reported that the police discovered the mutilated body after a man flagged down a passing police patrol car on Thursday night to report that he had discovered a horrific scene inside of the Mykawa Auto Parts shop. The man did not want to be identified but said that the store was owned by his friend and when the officials arrived at the 9100 block of Mykawa near Airport Boulevard, it was to find the decapitated body of the owner of the store.

An investigation by the responding members of the Houston Police Department revealed that the brutal murder had been caught on surveillance camera that had been rolling inside the store and the police were soon able to identify Raymond Jackson as the man responsible for the attack and murder of Khorsand. Houston Police Department homicide investigator Alex Vinogradov said that the video from the camera shows that before the suspect killed the business owner, he used the baseball bat to attack him and after the victim was decapitated by the machete his head was put in a plastic bag and placed next to the body.

“He’s caught on camera decapitating and beating this man to his death. It was brutal.”

The video also shows that following the murder, Jackson left the premises carrying a bag, but officials have not revealed what the contents of the bag were. Police later arrested Jackson at his home in Sunnyside on Friday and homicide and crime scene investigators later arrived to dig through the trash and search the house for further evidence.

Thus far, there has not been a motive established for the beating and decapitation.


According to the report by CBS 8, Jackson has been charged with a single count of murder on Friday and as of Saturday, remained in police custody awaiting an initial court appearance.

Family members of the man allegedly caught on camera using a machete to decapitate his employer have insisted that though he had once been homeless and was often described as strange by neighbors, Jackson was not a violent man. Raymond Jackson’s family also says that he is a college graduate who is not only married, but has several children as well, and when they spoke to him on Thursday and Friday he made no mention of any crime. Public records indicate however that he has been arrested in the past for misdemeanor offenses and in 2008 he had a no-billed case against him after he threatened his wife with a knife.

Enayatolah Khorsand is survived by a wife and two children, and on Friday afternoon, his auto shop was closed, though friends and family had stopped by in the morning to offer condolences to the family of the deceased.

The discovery of the decapitated body remains under investigation.

[Image via Houston Police Department]