Allen Ivanov: Disturbing Details Revealed In Seattle House Party Shooting

Hours before Allen Ivanov shot his ex- girlfriend and two other party goers at a house party in the suburban Seattle area of Mukilteo, he sent a disturbing text about his plans to “shoot everyone,” according to court documents.

FOX News reports that Ivanov, 19, is accused of killing three former classmates, including his ex-girlfriend, during a house party in the Chennault Beach neighborhood on July 1. Court documents revealed that Ivanov planned the attack in advance. He sent a text message to friends prior to the party, and called himself a “future shooter.”

Ivanov texted his friends around 12 hours before the crime occurred, indicating that he wanted to take a gun safety class so that he didn’t “mess up.” One of his friends advised him to stop worrying about his former girlfriend and to go deer hunting instead, but court records indicate that Ivanov refused the advice and reiterated his intentions.

“No. I’m killing everyone at a huge party.”

In other exchanges, Ivanov said that he “might shoot some b*****,” and “I hate Anna I need revenge.”

When he arrived to the party, Ivanov sent out another text, confirming he was at the party and still intended to carry out his plan.

“I’m 2 minutes from shooting.”

Around 90 minutes later, Ivanov allegedly opened fire at the party. According to police, he used an assault-style rifle, but was unfamiliar with it, and read the manual before walking into the party. According to Snohomish County deputy prosecutor Adam Cornell, Ivanov’s attack was premeditated.

“For two hours prior to the shootings, he surveilled guests at the house party, read an instruction manual for his weapon, and texted a friend about the impending killings. Soon after he spotted Ms. Bui and a male partygoer interacting, he decided to approach the home with his weapon.”

Three people, including Jake Long, Jordan Ebner, and Ivanov’s former girlfriend, Anna Bui, were fatally shot. All three victims were 19-years-old. Bui was shot five times, while Ebner was shot six times. Long was shot three times. All three teens died at the scene.

Another victim, Will Kramer, 18, was shot in the back, but he managed to escape. He ran to a wooded area, where he called 911. Kramer was taken to the hospital when the medics arrived, while the police waited close to the home. Police entered the home a little after midnight, where they found the three victims dead.

Ivanov fled the house before authorities got there, but was captured two hours later in Lewis County. While driving southbound Interstate 5, police pulled him over without incident. He was arrested on probable cause.

A press conference was held shortly after the shootings. Mayor Jennifer Gregerson spoke about the shooting.

“There were many young people who saw and heard things that no one should ever experience… Our community has suffered a great loss tonight.”

One of the party goers got in touch with her grandmother as the shootings were happening. She was able to escape and hide without injuries, but remained in shock. According to the grandmother, Susan Gemmer, they quickly responded to the call.

“My granddaughter called us about 20 minutes after midnight that she was hiding; that there had been a shooting and that two of her friends were shot and she was shot at. We jumped out of bed, got dressed and got in the car as fast as we could.”

Allen Isanov is charged with three felony counts of of aggravated first-degree murder and one felony count of first-degree attempted murder. Since the crimes were premeditated, he may face a death sentence. According to prosecutors in the case, Ivanov planned for and carried out the attack.

“Evidence of defendant’s premeditated intent to commit the charged offense is found in a multitude of communication from him via social media sites and text messages to friends.”

[Photo by AP/Washington State Patrol/The Daily Herald]