Pink Breastfeeds In Public, Just To Get A Rise Out Of People

Breastfeeding in public can be a controversial issue, but don’t share your negative reaction to it with Pink. She recently revealed that she’s a “militant” breastfeeder and does it often in public, sometimes just to start a fight.

The celebrity rocker and mom to 15-month-old Willow revealed in a recent interview that she’s gotten in at least one fight over breastfeeding in public. She nursed her daughter at a restaurant under a “Hooter Hider,” and a man walked by, openly proclaiming his disgust. “I had a cover on,” she said on British talk show Alan Carr: Chatty Man, “And this guy walks by, and he was like, ‘Ughhh.’ He was just disgusted.”

“I was like, ‘You didn’t get enough hugs when you were little,’ ” she said. Her husband, Carey Hart, told her: “‘You’re starting fights in restaurants.’ ”

“I will,” she said. “I will fight. Hold my baby,” Pink said, laughing.

When Carr asked Pink whether she considers herself “one of those militant breastfeeder women,” her answer was simple: Absolutely.

“I do. I do on purpose,” she said. “I think breastfeeding is healthy and natural and it’s a comfort to my baby.”

She told Carr that she is still nursing Willow but is mindful to take out her nipple rings to do so. “I had to take them out because it was like a sprinkler,” she said.

Being a mom has also caused Pink to relax a little on the partying. “Babies don’t respect hangovers,” Pink said. “No matter what time we go to bed, she wakes up at 5. So I party from maybe like 9 to 10. And I party hard for that one hour. I get it all in.”

Here’s the episode Pink appeared on. She shows up around 27:20. We’re supposed to end with a question, so why don’t I ask the obvious one: Are you “one of those militant breast-feeder women?”