‘Bleach’ Manga's Cryptic Ending Comes With Announcement Of Live-Action Adaptation

After being published for more than a decade, Bleach manga came to an end. The manga's creator, Tite Kubo's, promised "important announcement" that will accompany the final chapter of the manga, turned out to be a live-action movie adaptation.

With Kubo promising a special, major announcement at the end of the Bleach manga, fans had been feverishly drawing multiple conclusions. However, majority of the followers of the manga were confident the publishers will revive the anime. Even if the Japanese animation gets a reboot, there are several possibilities that the publishers might explore apart from simply picking up from where they had abruptly left off more than four years ago.

Based on the past chapters and the sudden change of pace set by Kubo, fans claim Bleach manga was excessively rushed at the end. There have been reports that Kubo had at least a year's worth of materials before ending the manga. However, the decision to terminate it might have been taken by the publishers and not the creator. It is not clear why the decision to end Bleach was taken. But, there are several questions, especially pertaining to Ichigo, that still have to be answered.

Warning: Bleach chapter 685 spoilers are ahead.

Will Ichigo lead a normal life?

According to Ecumenical News, Ichigo may have defeated Ywach. However, the latter was not truly and entirely annihilated. There are clear indicators that not only Ywach survived the battle, but he successfully managed to time-jump. While Ichigo failed to kill Ywach, there are reports the latter was able to transport himself well into the future to avoid any further attack on his life.

While an epic and violent battle was very plausible, it would have meant the manga would have to be extended by a few chapters, which doesn't seem possible. Fans theorize an alternate scenario, where Ichigo is quite content about getting rid of Ywach and intends to lead a normal life. However, the ending turned out to be quite cryptic, if not inconclusive.

Warning: Bleach Chapter 686 spoilers ahead:

Bleach chapter 686 reportedly switches readers back and forth between the human world and the Soul Society. The final episode deals with the final moments of the battle between Ichigo and the Quincy King, Ywach.

The captains visit Soul Society. It is not clear how Ichigo feels about Rukia becoming the captain of the Gotei 13; however, he seems to have come to terms with the development. Despite the thawing of the apparent animosity, the duo still don't have mutual understanding. This is evident from the way their conversation about Rukia's daughter proceeds. Rukia informs Ichigo about her daughter becoming a Gotei apprentice and left as well. She adds that she isn't worried about her daughter as she is also a shinigami in a human's world. However, Ichigo merely asks her to have some concern for her, besides pride, and find her.

Meanwhile, Chad has become a famous boxer and everyone appears enthused to see his fight. Majority of the captains, including Tatsuki, Keigo, Mizuiro, and Rukia, have gathered at Ichigo's to watch Chad's fight. Meanwhile, Ishida, who appears to have become a doctor now, is seen on the roof of a hospital. He is seen taking a break from his shift to watch the fight on his phone.

There had been persistent rumors that after Bleach manga ends, its anime could see a revival. However, there were no confirmations of the same. Instead, the makers of the insanely popular series that ran for more than a decade, announced they are focusing on a live-action animation which would be released as early as next year.

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