Psy Vows A Topless Show If ‘Gangnam Style’ Hits Number One

Psy has vowed to have a topless show if his hit “Gangnam Style” reaches number one. The chubby South Korean singer, who has been taking the American pop scene by storm, made the promise on Tuesday when he returned to Seoul, South Korea.

The rapper has become incredibly famous for his foot-stomping horse dance and has had his music video parodied by several people, reports Reuters. Psy stated during a news conference on Tuesday:

“If it ranks number one in the Billboard chart, then I will perform ‘Gangnam Style’ topless in a place where everyone can watch.”

Gangnam has been called the Beverly Hills of South Korea because its streets are lined with designer-brand shops, trendy bars, and upscale restaurants. The South Korean rapper became famous overnight in the US where he has appeared on daytime talk shows and even signed a deal with Island Records — the same label as Justin Bieber.

While the idea of Psy doing a topless show of Gangnam style might seem a little awkward, it would definitely be an interesting sight if his music video is anything to go by.

Psy, whose real name is Park Jai-Sang, sticks out as an oddity on the music scene in Asia and explains his style as “dress classy, dance cheesy.” Since he gained recognition in South Korea in 2001, the rapper has been in trouble with the law before. He revealed he was caught smoking pot and also had to repeat his mandatory military service after he didn’t take it seriously the first time, notes Yahoo! News.

Psy’s latest hit, “Gangnam Style” was intended to be a fun song and music video. Doing a portion of his horse-riding dance, the South Korean rapper stated in English that his aim for the song was to have “fun by music.”

Would you like to see Psy do a topless show of “Gangnam Style?” If so, do what you can to get the song to number one. Watch the video below to see the original “Gangnam Style.”