Exposed! 5 Naked Donald Trump Statues Popped Up In 5 U.S. Cities

Life-sized naked statues of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump started popping up all over the U.S. in several different cities, including New York City, Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Cleveland, according to Time. The anarchist group called Indecline is being credited for placing the naked Donald Trump statues in these U.S. cities. This anarchist group has also been the head of a number of other projects, including gluing the names of the black men who were killed by police officer onto the blank stars located on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Warning: Pictures of the naked Donald Trump statues may be NSFW.


The Trump project is titled after the fact that the group decided to create the life-sized naked Donald Trump statues without genitals.

Each Donald Trump statute shares, “The Emperor Has No Balls.”

According to the Daily Beast, Joshua Monroe is the artist who is responsible for creating the life-sized naked Donald Trump statues without genitals. The Daily Beast reports that the artist has now decided he would like to vote for Donald Trump and has plans to make a set of Hillary Clinton statues as well.


Five identical naked Donald Trump statues popped up at the same time around 8 a.m. EST on August 18. It did not take long for social media platforms to light up with posts about the statues. The artist’s signature, “Ginger,” was engraved into each of the five statues.


Creating and erecting the statues of Donald Trump with no genitals was inspired by the Hans Christian Anderson story about an overly self-assured leader who did not understand his new suit, which he was very proud of, was his birthday suit. The purpose of the statues was to mock the fascism and bigotry surrounding Donald Trump.

Monroe was selected to create the naked statues of Donald Trump because he had experience creating monster statues for both horror movies and haunted houses. His experience included serving as the director for Eli Roth’s Goretorium in Las Vegas.

“It would have been a dream come true to work side by side with Eli Roth,” Monroe told the Daily Beast.

Unfortunately, the artist never got a chance to work with Roth.


Monroe spent five years working on the Goretorium and pulled a number of all-nighters in the few weeks leading up to the grand reveal of the statues. Monroe claimed that he parted ways with the owner and management of the Goretorium in Las Vegas when he found out all they did was buy Roth’s name.

To create the Trump statues, Monroe was brought on board by the group Indecline. He had not been a part of the group previously and was the only collaborator the group had for the project. The project started in April of this year and required 1,500 hours of work over a period of four months to be completed. Monroe told the Daily Beast that he averaged three hours of sleep a night while working on the Donald Trump naked statues.

Creating the naked Donald Trump statues was a two-part process. First, Monroe had to sculpt the original statue using a 700-pound model in specialty clay. Monroe claims they used a six-foot-two model who had similar proportions to Donald Trump. Once the initial prototype was completed, Monroe used it to create a giant silicone mold so he could create replicas of the giant naked Donald Trump statue.

In total, this project required the following materials.

  • 300 pounds of Monster Marker’s Oil Clay
  • 400 pounds of Concrete and Rebar
  • 400 pounds of Walter E. Disney Clay
  • 1 gallon of smooth cast liquid resin
  • 10 gallons of Foam It

The creation of the five life-sized naked Donald trump statues is estimated to have cost roughly $6,000 to complete. A spokesperson of the anarchy group claims the studio has never worked with this particular medium before and found the project to be extremely time-consuming.

After Monroe finished the naked Donald Trump statues at a studio somewhere on the West Coast (he declined to reveal the exact location), members of the team shipped each of the five statues to five locations in the U.S. for them to be revealed at the same time on the same day. The five locations the group chose were based on where the anarchy group had existing members who could put the statues up.

The Guardian reports that Monroe wanted to give Donald Trump a “constipated look.” The statue also displays Trump’s veiny arms and a saggy behind. There are also several specific and realistic details to the statue, including the Masonic ring Trump wears on his finger.

The New York City mayor, Bill de Blasio, was asked what he thought about the naked statues of Donald Trump during a press conference.

“That is a frightening thought,” de Blasio said. “When he’s wearing clothes I don’t like him.”

What do you think about the naked Donald Trump statues popping up in five different U.S. cities? Do you think it is funny? Appropriate? Inappropriate? Did the group take things too far?

[Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images]