Police: Dad’s Girlfriend Did Horrible Things To Disabled Child

A developmentally disabled child is the alleged victim of horrifying abuse, according to authorities in Lewiston, Indiana. KLEWTV News reports that Kymberley Jones is accused of the violent assault that could land her in prison for as long as a decade.

The violent incident reportedly took place in late-July. Authorities were alerted to a possible domestic violence situation when her boyfriend called 911 on the Indiana woman. He called the police on her because she was allegedly beating on his nine-year-old developmentally disabled son.

At the time of Kymberley’s arrest, she reportedly blamed the incident on disciplining the boy. Numerous reports seem to indicate that the Indiana woman’s idea of punishment crosses the line from discipline to extreme abuse. The father claims that during the July incident, his former girlfriend tied his son’s arms to his waist with a nylon cord to prevent him from moving. After she had tied him up that, she made him stand and face a wall as a form of punishment.

When the nine-year-old developmentally disabled child collapsed from exhaustion, the woman allegedly flew into a rage and began to choke the boy. The father said she “looked like an angry bull” who charged at the boy and his dad when he tried to protect his son. Kymberley Jones is accused of shaking the boy violently as she choked him. That’s not the only violent act she is accused of committing.

The Indiana woman is also accused of kicking the disabled child in the chest and stomach. She allegedly punched him in the head, as well, when she allegedly strangled him. The father of the child testified that she kicked him when he was trying to shield his son from her attacks.

This also wasn’t the only incident of alleged abuse surrounding Jones. A few days prior to the choking-assault of her boyfriend’s son, she allegedly whipped the nine-year-old with a phone cord, which caused injuries. She reportedly hit the child so hard, and so many times, that the cord caused bruising and bleeding.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time a woman has been accused of violently abusing her boyfriend’s children. Furthermore, the father’s of children have also been arrested for similar crimes either facilitated by or involving their girlfriends. This year, a New Jersey man allegedly killed his three-year-old son, and the reason why is shocking. Authorities say that David Creato killed the little boy because his young girlfriend resented the child.

This also isn’t the only case in the media regarding the abuse of special needs or developmentally disabled children. Last month, two Kentucky women were arrested after the alleged abuse of a special needs child was caught on camera. In the video, one woman could be seen covering the child’s eyes, which distressed the little girl, while the other slapped her. Fortunately, the child in this incident was not injured, but she was removed from the home and placed back into the care of social services. On a horrifying note, the two women accused of abusing her were a foster mother and her biological daughter.

As for the case of Kymberley Jones, she could face time in prison if she is convicted of the abusive incident. Her former boyfriend has testified against her while she cried in court, but the public doesn’t appear to be showing her any sympathy. On Facebook, comments about the woman have become quite heated. Meanwhile, the nine-year-old disabled boy is recovering safely away from harm.

[Image via Lewiston Police]