Stevie J Refuses To Take A DNA Test And Joseline Hernandez Accuses The ‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’ Star Of Abandoning Her And Their Child

Stevie J and Joseline Hernandez are definitely not together, but there’s still the question of paternity as the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star’s pregnancy is starting to look like it might actually be real. The most recent drama surrounding the former LHHATL couple comes from Stevie’s refusal to take a DNA test to prove he’s not the father of Joseline’s baby. To make matters worse, Hernandez is claiming that Stevie has completely abandoned her and her baby.

According to Bossip, Joseline is tired of the way Stevie has handled their split. Just recently, the former couple headed to court to deal with the restraining order that Stevie filed against Joseline after she told the world that he molested his daughter. Stevie ended up not getting a permanent order and now Joseline seems to be taking that news in stride. She’s also back to making accusations against her alleged husband, whom she still claims is the father of her unborn child.

According to Joseline’s lawyer, Tony Mathis, the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta vixen wants Stevie J to go ahead and take a DNA test to prove that he’s the father of her child. Stevie has reportedly refused to have blood drawn for a test to prove his paternity and according to Joseline, has completely abandoned her.

“Stevie is not supporting her in any form or fashion,” Mathis told Bossip. “Not financially — nothing.”

Stevie J has made it clear that he wants nothing else to do with Joseline after their nasty split. It’s not surprising that he has refused to emotionally or financially support Joseline now that he finally broke free. She seems to be shocked by it all though and fans can’t wait for the whole truth to come out.

It’s unclear what Joseline Hernandez is hoping will come from her most recent claims about Stevie. After all, once the baby is born, she can just get a court order to establish paternity and there’s nothing Stevie can do to avoid getting tested. Until then, she can’t even prove the pair are legally married and Stevie has been claiming that their wedding was a sham.

There have been other suggestions about who might be the father of Joseline’s baby if she is indeed pregnant and not putting on another show in order to build her LHHATL storyline. Young Dro is said to be joining the VH1 reality show cast for the upcoming Season 6. There has been word that his storyline has everything to do with hers, leading fans to believe that they will be documenting her pregnancy and his part of it for upcoming episodes.


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There are also reports that Joseline Hernandez’ baby doesn’t belong to Stevie or Dro. Instead, there are rumors that Joseline’s pregnancy can be blamed on an unnamed Atlanta club owner who may have enjoyed her company before.

Then again, Joseline might not even be pregnant at all. Internet investigators have pointed out a few details in a recent pregnancy picture posted to Instagram by Joseline that looks pretty suspect. In the photo above, a few fans noticed that one of Joseline’s signature tattoos are not present in her most recent belly picture. It was there for previous photos, though, leading some to believe that her pregnancy pics are photoshopped to either expand her own belly or add someone else’s baby bump. Check out the picture below to see the missing tattoo that is not missing in Joseline’s older “pregnancy” photos.

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It is possible that Stevie J has opted out of taking a blood test because he knows there’s no baby in the first place? It wouldn’t be the first time that Joseline Hernandez has made up some pretty crazy lies in order to manipulate others and assumedly to keep her storyline interesting for Love & Hip Hop Atlanta.

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