‘Big Brother 18’ Spoilers: Paulie Calafiore Sets Round Trip Ticket Targets For Eviction In ‘BB18’ House, Continues To Campaign

Big Brother 18 spoilers point toward Paulie Calafiore getting voted out unanimously. The BB18 house could be in for a lot of drama if Paulie possesses the Round Trip Ticket, though, as he has already planned out his nominees should he get back in the game. A report from fan site Big Brother Network had Paulie speaking to Nicole Franzel and Corey Brooks about the plan he would put into motion if he were to become the next Head of Household.

Paulie is still very upset with Victor Arroyo for nominating him this week and basically punching his exit ticket from the BB18 house. This is where Paulie’s plan for next week comes into play, as he wants to go right after Victor if he gets to stay in the game. It’s a similar plan to the one that Victor is currently carrying out, as Paulie is about to get voted out 5-0 and meet one-on-one with host Julie Chen on Thursday night.

As the latest Big Brother 18 spoilers indicate, if Paulie Calafiore can remain in the house through the Return Ticket or through a BB18 jury competition, he knows what to do next. Should Paulie then win the HOH competition, he plans to nominate Victor Arroyo and Paul Abrahamian for eviction. That’s his plan, but as pointed out by Big Brother Network, things don’t always go according to plan.

Another report from Big Brother Network explained the Care Package prizes for the remainder of summer 2016. Last week, Nicole Franzel won Super Safety, meaning she was safe from all competitions. In prior weeks, James Huling won the right to eliminate two eviction votes and Natalie Negrotti won a Never Not Pass. Her pass meant that she would never be a “Have Not” again for the season. These have been very notable Big Brother 18 spoilers this season, with this next Care Package possibly being the most important one to hit the BB18 house this summer.

The Care Package for next week will contain a Co-HOH prize. This means that the recipient will become the second Head of Household for the week, sharing in the HOH perks and getting to pick one of the two nominees. This will completely shake up any potential plans that Nicole Franzel, Corey Brooks, and Paulie Calafiore might have set up for themselves. It also means that Paulie wouldn’t even have full control of his HOH unless he was partnered with Corey Brooks as co-HOHs.

Paulie hasn’t given up on avoiding eviction this week either. Late Thursday afternoon, he was still campaigning people for their votes. A report from fan site Joker’s Updates revealed that he had spoken to Natalie Negrotti, Paul Abrahamian, and James Huling about switching their votes. He has even begun begging for a sympathy vote in order to keep the eviction from being unanimous. Natalie says that she will give him that sympathy vote if HOH Victor Arroyo says he fine with it.

During the August 18 episode, despite his best efforts to rally support, Paulie Calafiore appears headed for a 5-0 eviction vote. It is at that point that Julie Chen will open up his mystery envelope to see if Paulie has the Return Ticket. That would be quite a twist, but it may be that production already knows he doesn’t have it, so maybe the special Friday episode (scheduled for August 19) was set up to have a BB18 jury competition. No matter what happens during the episode, there will be a number of late Big Brother 18 spoilers from Thursday night as to what will happen next in the game.

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