Green Bay Mayor Demands End To NFL Replacement Officials

Green Bay Mayor James Schmitt has demanded that NFL officials end the current referee lockout and dispose of incompetent replacement referees. The Mayor made his demand after the Green Bay Packers lost their Sunday game following a botched call.

Schmitt is taking his fight right to NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, writing a letter to the NFL chief in which he demands a return to normalcy with the help of regular full-time referees.

In his letter the Green Bay mayor tells Goodell what we all know, replacement referees are damaging the integrity of the NFL through botched calls, slow gameplay and other officiating problems.

In a town that is mostly known for its football team and cheese head wearing residents the Mayor was quick to jump on NFL refs after they incorrectly scored a Seattle Seahawks touchdown pass, allowing the Seahawks to claim a 14-12 victory.

Schmitt says of the incident:

“This is not right. I understand talent costs money, but when it comes to the crucial role of the referees … it has to be a top priority.”

Like many residents in Green Bay Hizzoner is a shareholder in the Green Bay Packers. The Packers are the only publicly owned NFL franchise.

The Green Bay Mayor wants everyone to know his anger is geared more at officials than the loss:

“We are not protesting losing the game. We are protesting the quality of officiating.”

Do you think the NFL needs to end the officials lockout and remove dangerous replacement referees from the game?