Two-Headed Snake Becomes Family Pet In South Carolina

double headed snake

What would you do if you found a two-headed snake? Run away screaming? Two kids in South Carolina recently stumbled upon the rare creature and decided to take it home as a pet.

According to 14 News, Savanna Logan and her brother Preston have been taking care of the two-headed snake for about three weeks.

National Geographic reports that the anomaly is rare but examples have been found in the past. Most often a snake with two heads will have both heads at the same end. This snake, however, has its two heads on opposite ends of its body.

Savanna Logan’s mother, Tina Stewart, said:

“One head’s bigger and one’s more dominant than the other, but they both seem to control the body, the main head will do one thing then the other part is trying to go the opposite direction.”

The local high school identified the snake as a rough earth snake. The snake is full grown at about 10 inches lung and is considered harmless to humans.

Here’s a video about the two-headed snake.