Oklahoma Christian Man Khalid Jabara Killed By Neighbor Who Called Him ‘Dirty Mooslem’ [Video]

Khalid Jabara, an Oklahoma Christian man of Lebanese descent, was killed by a neighbor who had systematically harassed and terrorized him and his family for several years. The reason for the harassment of Khalid Jabara and his family was entirely based upon the color of their skin, their Middle Eastern ancestry and the ignorance of their 61-year-old neighbor, Stanley Vernon Majors.

The family of the Oklahoma Christian had endured racial slurs, verbal assaults and even physical violence at the hands of their neighbor. Some of the names 37-year-old Khalid Jabara and his Oklahoma family members were called included “dirty Arabs,” filthy Lebanese,” and “dirty Mooslems.” And those were just the printable words.

“He’d call us names all the time. ‘You dirty Arabs, get out of here.’ I had a guy who mowed our lawn, he’s black. He’d scream, ‘You N-word, get out of here.’ Every time I came outside at night, he’d scream and yell at me. Scared me to death”

The family of Khalid Jabara thought that what they had endured reached its most dangerous and violent when Stanley Majors allegedly ran over Khalid Jabara’s mother, Haifa, last year.

However, as CNN reports, the Oklahoma Christian family of Khalid Jabara had far worse horrors to come.

As Occupy Democrats reports, Majors had been incarcerated pending his upcoming trial on charges related to allegedly running down Haifa Jabara since last year. However, before his assault on the Oklahoma Christian man, Khalid Jabara, Majors managed to get in front of a judge who granted his pre-trial release. Not long after Majors was released, he got his hands on a gun, knocked on Oklahoma man’s door, and shot him dead in cold blood. The vicious and unprovoked murder took place on Friday, August 12.

According to reports, just 30 minutes before being shot and killed, Khalid Jabara called 911 and told dispatchers and law enforcement that he was afraid for his life because of his neighbor’s threatening behavior. Police reportedly came to the scene, found nothing illegal going on, made no arrests and left Khalid to his fate.

“Police confirmed that officers responded to Jabara’s 911 call on Friday but said they were ‘unable to locate any criminal activity’ and had no cause to immediately arrest the 61-year-old suspect.”

Now, the stunned and heartbroken family of Oklahoma Christian man Khalid Jabara is left picking up the pieces and wondering why the State of Oklahoma didn’t do more to protect them from the escalating violence of their threatening neighbor.

Reportedly, the Jabara family was forced to take out a restraining order against Majors way back in 2013, well before the mother of Khalid Jabara was allegedly run over by the man last September. Stanley Majors was forbidden from having any contact with Oklahoma Christian Khalid Jabara.

In 2015, Majors was arrested after violating the protective order because he threatened to kill Haifa Jabara as well as repeated racial slurs at her. He ultimately ended up being charged with violating a protective order, obstructing an officer in that incident and was reportedly released from custody after bonding out.

In September of 2016, Majors allegedly ran Haifa Jabara, mother of Oklahoma Christian man Khalid Jabara, over with his car. He was once again arrested, this time for assault and battery with a deadly weapon, public intoxication, and leaving the scene of an accident. Following the 2016 incident, Majors was not granted bond and had been incarcerated ever since, granting Khalid Jabara and his family a reprieve from the alleged fear and harassment that they had suffered through for years.

This summer, however, Majors found a judge willing to grant his bond request, and he was released from custody, reportedly without any conditions (such as an ankle monitor) to keep the family safe from his hatred. Despite the fact that he had a proven history of violating the protective order designed to keep him away from Oklahoma man Khalid Jabara and his family.

According to Steve Kunzweiler, Tulsa County DA, he told the media that he and his team had argued against Majors’ release from jail, telling the judge that he was an “obvious public safety risk.”

When he was shot, allegedly by his hate-fueled neighbor, Oklahoma Christian Khalid Jabara was on the phone talking to his mother. He died in the hospital a short time later.

Police responding to the scene of the crime found Majors at a nearby library, hiding behind a tree. He was ultimately arrested on charges related to suspicion of first-degree murder. He has been denied bail.

Despite the fact that he allegedly shot Oklahoma Christian man Khalid Jabara for being a “dirty Mooslem,” Majors was not supposed to have access to firearms until 2018. The restriction was reportedly in place because of his previous history of harassment and violence towards the Jabara family.

Ironically, despite targeting the Jabara family because of their alleged Muslim faith, the entire family are Lebanese Christians. Unfortunately for Americans, the current political climate in the United States, including the campaign platform of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, has led to an increase in hate crimes against Arabs in the U.S.

What do you think? Did the system fail the Jabara family? Could they have done more to prevent the tragic murder of Oklahoma Christian man Khalid Jabara?

[Photo by The Family Of Khalid Jabara]