'Bachelor In Paradise' Star Jared Haibon On Ashley Iaconetti And Caila Quinn's Current Relationship

On the latest episode of Bachelor in Paradise Season 3, Jared Haibon found himself in the middle of some major drama between love interest Caila Quinn and Ashley Iaconetti. In an interview with Glamour posted on Tuesday, Jared talked about the drama between Ashley and Caila. Jared also revealed whether he's still friends with Ashley and Caila and whether Ashley and Caila are still friends with one another.

Viewers saw that when Ashley showed up to paradise, Jared looked shocked while Caila looked nervous. Both looked less than pleased to see Ashley. Jared's response was not surprising since Ashley tried to get with him on Season 2 and practically cried non-stop when he declined a romantic relationship with her. On Season 2, Ashley even called former Bchelorette star Kaitlyn Bristowe to yell at her for causing Jared to be so in love and obsessed with her that he can't move on to another relationship. As the Inquisitr reported, prior to that scene airing, Kaitlyn responded to Ashley's phone call with love.

Caila's response to Ashley's arrival was explained when she told Jared and the other cast members that Ashley, with whom she hung out socially, told her not to do the show because she didn't want to see her with Jared.

In his interview, Jared confirmed that he didn't know for sure whether Ashley would be on the show or not. Yet, Jared did know that Ashley's presence was a possibility. Jared explained that he and Ashley discussed going on the show and both decided to make their decision without letting the other know.

"I didn't know she was going on prior. She was told specifically not to...uh, maybe not to let me know. We talked about it [prior that] maybe we should make this decision individually...I was the first person to get a phone call about the possibility of coming back to Paradise, so when that occurred, we obviously talked about it...and we came to the conclusion that we needed to make this decision individually. And that's what we did."

Jared also confirmed that he didn't know prior to Caila telling him that there was history between her and Ashley.

As for whether he's still friends with Caila and Ashley, Jared said that he is. He said specifically that he and Ashley are still great friends. Of course, Jared did not provide any spoilers regarding whether viewers will see him and Caila leave paradise in love.

"Yes. Oh my God, [yes]. Ashley and I are still great friends still."

As for whether Caila and Ashley repaired their friendship, Jared pretty much confirmed that they aren't hanging out with one another anymore.

"Possibly not. I don't think they are painting each other's toenails, let me say that."

On the show, after Ashley found out that Caila and Jared went out on a date together and were really interested in one another, Ashley confronted Caila about changing her mind about joining the show and going for Jared. Caila said that she only decided two days prior that was going to join the show. As for Jared, Caila explained that she changed her mind regarding him after she talked to him.

In her Cosmopolitan blog recapping the latest episode, Ashley Iaconetti gave more background information on what happened between her and Caila Quinn prior to their arrival on Bachelor in Paradise. Ashley revealed that she last spoke to Caila about five days prior to leaving for Mexico. Ashley maintained that Caila told her that Jared Haibon wasn't her type of man in any kind of situation and that she wouldn't ruin their friendship by dating Jared. Yet, Ashley did concede that Caila hadn't met Jared prior to paradise.

"Yes, I was concerned about her going to Paradise because I didn't want Jared falling for someone in front of my eyes, OK?! I know his type! Still, Caila assured me on multiple occasions that even if she did Paradise, she wouldn't want to ruin our friendship by dating Jared, and that Jared wasn't her type inside or outside (albeit, she'd never met him)."

Ashley defended her dramatic and tearful response to seeing Jared with Caila. Ashley explained that she felt especially vulnerable because, in addition to seeing Jared interested in someone else, she didn't spot any love interests of her own and didn't have her friends Nick Viall, who was out on a date with Jen Saviano, and Carly Waddell, who was at the hospital with Evan Bass, around.

Ashley also provided details about her history with Jared. Ashley revealed that from November 2015 through January 2016, things between her and Jared were "moving into promising territory." However, in February, he told her that he only saw her as just a friend. Acording to Ashley, Jared alluded that things may turn romantic in the future.

"I thought we built a strong friendship that was moving into promising territory November through January mostly. In late February, he told me he saw me just as a friend and I was completely crushed. But he'd allude to things maybe changing down the road..."

Ashley clarified that while she still held out hope for Jared, she didn't go on the show just for him.

"But I didn't go to Paradise just for Jared! Yes, that hope still glimmered — what a better place for him to realize it's been me all along than the place we first met, right?!...However, most of me knew though that this wouldn't happen. I was also hoping that I would get some closure and move on to another guy."
Will viewers continue to see Ashley Iaconetti cry over Jared Haibon? A preview for next week's episode of Bachelor in Paradise shows that viewers may indeed see Ashley crying over Jared, but not because she's heartbroken by him but because she's heartbroken for him. The preview shows Caila Quinn enjoying herself with other men and another cast member commenting that with Brett Melnick's arrival, Caila "flipped a switch" on Jared. Brett is from Andi Dorfman's The Bachelorette season.

In the preview, Jared can be seen questioning Caila over what she wants and Caila admitting that she's not sure about how she feels. The preview also seems to show Jared making the decision to leave the show and Ashley saying that Jared can't be treated in such a way.

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