Cody Calafiore Says His Brother Paulie Will Have To Answer For His ‘Big Brother’ Behavior

Cody Calafiore says he’s not his brother’s keeper. In a video posted to YouNow, the Big Brother 16 runner-up addressed his younger brother’s controversial behavior on the current season of the CBS reality show. In the video, Cody said if his brother stays in the house or gets another chance in the Big Brother game, he has a few things he needs to work on.

“If he could stop talking as much as he does,” Cody said of Paulie’s social game. “Don’t get hostile just answer things people have and don’t be confrontational about it.”

Cody also said he loves and supports his brother, but in the end, he can’t speak for him.

“The stuff that he’s saying … he’s going to have to answer to it. I’m not here to answer for him. I’m not his keeper, he’s a grown-a** man.”

Cody Calafiore also laughed off his brother’s “Jersey girl” comment to houseguest Natalie Negrotti. Cody said that there’s a certain type of girl—not necessarily from New Jersey—that uses guys to get their way. Cody thinks Natalie is using her showmance, James Huling, in that way.

Cody Calafiore also says he supports “Zaulie”—his brother’s showmance with Zakiyah Everette—if that’s what makes Paulie happy. But Calafiore also said he thinks Paulie needs to “detox” in the Big Brother jury, which may be hard since Zakiyah is in there already.

Cody also addressed the live feeds that show Paulie getting upset and threatening to quit the show instead of going to the jury.

“Just because things aren’t going you way, I don’t think saying you’re going to quit is OK,” Cody said.

Indeed, in the past week, Paulie Calafiore has gone from king of the house to a dead man walking. On the CBS broadcast, his low point may have come when he broke down while making apple pies as part of his Power of Veto punishment. On the live feeds, he’s had many other low points, mostly in the way he has talked about the women in the house. He even blabbed about his sexcapades with Everette.

Cody Califiore previously told Us Weekly that he warned Paulie to stay away from showmances. Cody called his sibling a “knucklehead” for getting so close with Zakiyah, and he also pointed out his little brother’s biggest downfall: His tendency to talk so much without listening.

“I think Paulie tends to talk too much and then when he’s done talking it almost seems as if he’s trying to figure out the next thing he wants to say instead of listening. I’m hoping he can just dial down the amount he speaks and dial up the amount of listening he does,” Cody said.

Cody also acknowledged that his brother is a better physical player than a social player.

“Paulie is a very intelligent person and is a fierce competitor, so I feel like that definitely outweighs his social game,” Cody said.

While Cody Calafiore had a loyal alliance with Derrick Levasseur and ended up taking him to the Big Brother 16 finals over third place finisher Victoria Rafaeli, a woman he could have beaten to win the Big Brother grand prize, Paulie’s bromance with Paul Abrahamian blew up this season. In fact, it seems as though Paulie Calafiore is playing the complete opposite game that his brother Cody did.

Cody isn’t the only Calafiore speaking out about Paulie’s Big Brother game. Their father, Paul Calafiore, has been fending off Twitter trolls. The elder Calafiore posted that his son will learn from the mistakes he made on Big Brother. The Calafiore patriarch also said he supports his family through the good and the bad.

Take a look at the video below to see Cody Calafiore bickering with Nicole Franzel on Big Brother 16.

[Image via Cody Calafiore/Facebook]