'Big Brother 18' Spoilers: Nicole Worries Corey Could Be The Real Target, Paul Decides The Plan For Next Week, And 'BB18' House Prepares For Another Paulie Meltdown

The Big Brother 18 fans are excited to see Paulie Calafiore leave the house after nearly two months of believing he was running the house and poised to win the show in September. It has been an emotional week for all the players, but none as much as Paulie and Corey Brooks.

Last Thursday, Victor Arroyo won the HOH (Head of Household) competition, and he chose to nominate Paulie and Corey for eviction. He wanted to make a big move and decided to go after the biggest threat in the game, Paulie. Before the nomination ceremony, Paulie believed that Victor planned on nominating Natalie Negrotti and Michelle Meyer for eviction. He couldn't believe that Victor would make a power move to get him out of the Big Brother house.

Online Big Brother reports that Corey and Nicole Franzel worry that the house has been lying to them, and he could be the target this week. Nicole wonders if they are wanting to break up their showmance to make it more even playing field for the rest of the Big Brother house. Right now, Paulie is at a very low point, so Nicole can see how keeping him would make "a lot of sense." Victor and Paul Abrahamian have made it no secret that their target is Paulie, so they decide they have to believe them; otherwise, the anticipation of the live eviction will drive them crazy.

Later in the HOH room, Victor worries that Paulie could have the round trip ticket, and come back into the Big Brother house with a plan of revenge. Paul says that he would be upset if that happened because he would be gunning for him. Victor explained that if he comes back into the house, he will "push the red button" and self-evict. For a brief moment, they wonder if it is better to evict Corey instead to protect themselves from Paulie's wrath. Victor decides they have to stick to the original plan and send Paulie out the door.

Big Brother 18 spoilers tease that Paul, Victor, and Natalie agree that the next target must be Nicole Franzel. The Care Package saved her this week, but next week, unless she wins HOH, she will be on the block. Big Brother 18 fans, now is the time to stock up on Kleenex tissues because Paul wants to put Nicole and Corey on the block together for Week 10.

Big Brother 18 spoilers indicate the houseguests are expecting a big twist in the next few weeks. James thinks they should expect a double eviction, round trip played, or a rewind. Paul and Victor add that if Paulie doesn't have the round trip ticket, it's safe to assume that there should be another double eviction in the next few weeks.

Meanwhile, in the Safari room, Michelle, Corey, Nicole and Paulie talk about their next target. Paulie explains that Victor and Paul need to go soon because they are controlling the Big Brother game. Paulie sees now that Paul has controlled the game from Week 2. He notes that he is a "snake and a weasel."

Big Brother Network reports that Paulie wants to leave the house "classy" and doesn't want to cause any "unneeded" drama. He plans to say something nice to Corey and Nicole and throw Paul and Victor under the bus by implying they are running the Big Brother house.

Big Brother 18 spoilers indicate that Paulie knows that if he has the round trip ticket and comes back into the house, he needs to win the next HOH or he will likely be sent out the door again. He revealed that he's concerned that Victor and Paul will evict Nicole, Michelle, and Corey and will have a smooth path to the final two. Paulie urged Nicole and Corey to win the HOH competition to flip the house again. He implied that Natalie and James would rush to their side if they take control of the Big Brother house.

Online Big Brother reports that Paul wants Michelle to "do her thing" and rattle Corey and Nicole before the HOH competition, so they lose the challenge. They agree that it would be a "disaster" if they won. Michelle decides to "shake them up" and hopes she can do it.

Big Brother 18 spoilers indicate that the plan right now is to prevent Corey, Michelle, and Nicole from winning the HOH competition. After they are out of the running, Paul and James want to throw the competition to Natalie because she's never won. James feels confident that she will go after Nicole and Corey.

Big Brother 18 spoilers reveal that Paulie believes that James and Natalie may consider keeping him, and he could be staying another week. Natalie tells James that she feel awful that he thinks they could keep him because her goodbye message to him was "cruel." It's pretty safe to assume at this point that Paulie will stir more drama in the afternoon when he realizes he will be evicted. Right now, He's holding on to a glimmer of hope that he could stay another week.
Big Brother 18 fans, who do you think will leave the house tonight? Who do you want to win the next HOH competition? Stick with the Inquisitr for more Big Brother 18 spoilers, news, and daily live feed updates.

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