Sia Sued By Own Fans For $2 Million Over Lackluster, ‘Impersonal’ Gig

Sia Furler’s production company is reportedly being sued after Sia performed what fans described as a lackluster concert in Tel Aviv, Israel.

New reports are claiming that Sia’s fans have hit the singer and her team with a lawsuit over the concert and are allegedly demanding they be refunded the estimated $90-plus they paid for each ticket.

NME reported new about the lawsuit, claiming that Sia’s Israeli fans were left seriously disappointed with the star’s recent stadium show at Yarkon Park in Tel Aviv on August 11 and are now suing her and her team for a full refund. is reporting that the fan lawsuit is estimated to total more than $2 million.

According to the site, concertgoers opted to sue Sia’s production company because they were upset that the singer only performed for just 65 minutes and, as is customary during all her public performances, covered her face with her signature wig, which Sia’s Israeli fans are now complaining made the concert feel “impersonal.”

The site also added that fans suing Furler claimed that the giant screens from the concert only showed pre-recorded footage of Sia and allegedly did not actually feature live video footage from the concert, which left fans further back in the stadium show unable to see Sia in person.

In one video uploaded to YouTube by a concert goer prior to the lawsuit, the screen behind Sia can be seen to be completely white as the singer performs, while another fan captured video shows the side screens showing pre-recorded artistic music videos.

Fact Mag is also reporting that fans are suing Furler and her team, claiming that concertgoers are alleging that Sia failed to make adequate small talk between performing her hits, including “Chandelier,” “Cheap Thrills,” and “Titanium,” and also angered fans because she failed to mention that she was in Tel Aviv or even Israel during the concert.

Sia Sued By Own Fans For 'Lacklustre' Tel Aviv Gig
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Sia herself has yet to comment on the lawsuit, though her concert Ilan Elkayam issued a statement to IQ Magazine regarding Sia’s fans suing the star, claiming that the Tel Aviv concert was “extremely successful” and also noted that the suing fans’ lawsuit was not aimed directly at Sia herself.

“We have received hundreds of comments from satisfied fans who thoroughly enjoyed the performance and production,” Elkayam said about being sued on behalf of Sia. “In addition, it should be noted that, to the best of our knowledge, the claim was not submitted against Sia herself.”

Sia Furler has long spoken out about her struggles with anxiety in a number of candid interviews, revealing that her crippling fear is why she opts to cover her face to give herself anonymity.

Sia has also revealed prior to the lawsuit drama that she suffers from serious nerves before live performances and hasn’t been shy about not exactly enjoying being on stage.

Sia Sued By Own Fans For 'Lacklustre' Tel Aviv Gig
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“I have a major anxiety disorder and am trying to look after my psyche,” Sia tweeted out to her fans in 2010 admitting that she finds it difficult to get personal with her followers.

“I will sign things that you give to TM to give to me, but I can’t hang,” Sia said.

Sia also got candid about her anxiety issues in an interview with Good Morning America last month, where Furler revealed her battle with stage fright and admitted that she actually hates performing live in front of large audiences, according to E! News.

“I do not love performing,” Sia admitted on the ABC morning show back in July, just weeks before being sued, revealing that she actually cried in her dressing room before the interview began.

“I get really scared,” Furler said.

Sia did eventually perform but admitted that she only hits the stage to make her fans happy.

“I do it because I want to make you happy,” Sia told concertgoers on Good Morning America’s New York stage.

What do you think of Sia’s fans suing her production company for a lackluster concert?

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