WWE News: James Storm Done With Impact Wrestling, Returning To WWE NXT?

The world of professional wrestling is a weird place. They share similarities to professional sports organizations, except for the fact they don’t have an offseason. There is free agency, and the wrestlers take full advantage of that. Starting on the Independent scene, it’s basically a free agent’s dream to work. Sports entertainment, outside of the WWE, is still popular and offers ample opportunities.

Talent in pro wrestling can work for multiple Independent promotions. Ryback, who was just officially released by the WWE, is charging nearly $5,000 per appearance. Some wrestlers even make a living working in the Independents. Jay Lethal wrestled in other promotions for years before committing to Ring of Honor. Before Lucha Underground, all of those guys and girls traveled the world in different promotions while making a name for themselves.

Lucha Underground Season 2

Quite the opposite has happened with Impact Wrestling. Instead of it being a full-time wrestling promotion that can sustain itself, they have turned into a glorified Indy promotion and simply won’t admit it. Talent has left and signed with the WWE. Bobby Roode, Eric Young, Samoa Joe, and Austin Aries are the biggest names. However, one wrestler who arrived right after Samoa Joe decided not to stay with NXT. James Storm appeared for an episode or two, but he left and re-signed with Impact Wrestling. He didn’t take advantage of the free agency system.

It was a huge surprise to many. Storm seemed re-energized in WWE NXT. The step was big for his career. Then, he went back to TNA. Many believed it was a huge mistake as fans are souring on Impact Wrestling by the day. Apparently, his latest tenure in Impact Wrestling didn’t last as long as many thought. According to SEScoops.com, James Storm is done with TNA and may head back to WWE NXT.

“We’re not sure if this is part of a storyline or not but announced at Wednesday’s TNA Impact tapings in Orlando that he was done with the company due to “BS contract stuff” that went on behind-the-scenes.”

“Storm went on to thank the TNA fans and said he wanted his last match to be against Bram. He also teased that we may see him team with an old friend soon, an apparent tease at joining Bobby Roode in NXT.”

There was no real reason why Storm left WWE NXT in the first place, but multiple outlets did report Impact Wrestling was willing to offer him over double what WWE was offering. It’s still odd to see TNA offer as much as they did. They can’t even afford to have their own headquarters. Storm probably made a mistake, but to the wrestlers, money has always been an important consideration. Simply put, money and dates are vital to deals with the pro wrestlers.

Storm NXT
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The WWE has a rare opportunity if they can have Storm and Bobby Roode on the same roster. After Roode made his debut on WWE NXT, he instantly turned heel and is now an internet sensation, thanks to Tommaso Ciampa and Johnny Gargano. The “Glorious Bomb” has struck a chord with the WWE Universe and is being replicated by fans across the world.

Roode’s popularity would play right into a return by James Storm. Beer Money is arguably one of the best tag-teams of the last decade. They broke up, and Roode turned heel in TNA. That led to a TNA World Heavyweight championship run where he became the “It Factor.” Well, the WWE has the “It Factor” now. All they need is the other half of Beer Money to re-create that glorious tandem.

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