Marvel Comics: Five Characters That Need To Be In A ‘Deadpool’ Movie

Not a lot is yet known about the Deadpool sequel. It will begin filming sometime next year, and if you stuck around long enough to watch the post-credits of the first film, you know that Deadpool will be running into Cable when Deadpool 2 is finally released. As Reynolds mentioned in the Ferris Bueller spoof, no one had been cast yet to play the role of Cable. That is still a hot topic of debate, as it would seem that 20th Century Fox wants Liam Neeson for the role, director Tim Miller prefers Kyle Chandler, and many fans want to see Ron Perlman as Cable.

As with any movie inspired by Marvel or DC Comics, the opportunity arises for other characters from comic lore to finally appear (or reappear) on the silver screen. Deadpool’s willingness to break the fourth wall makes literally any character that isn’t currently the property of the Marvel Cinematic Universe a possible partner in crime-fighting for Deadpool — or another nemesis. Assuming the Deadpool franchise is good for at least three movies, there will be plenty of opportunities for minor Marvel characters to play a key role — or for major characters to make a cameo.

The following characters are pulled from the pages of Marvel Comics and could thrive if utilized properly in a movie with Deadpool. While there’s already been speculation about further interaction between Wolverine and Deadpool in the X-Men film series (they already crossed paths once in X-Men Origins: Wolverine), there are a lot of other Marvel characters that could be brought back or introduced to the series via Deadpool. Five possibilities include Sabretooth, Namor, Gwenpool, Sasquatch, and Bailey Hoskins.

Namor: The Sub-Mariner

Debuting in 1939 (two years before DC Comics introduced Aquaman), Namor the Sub-Mariner was the prince of the Lost City of Atlantis, who rode a griffin and had access to a special part of Antarctica where dinosaurs still thrived. While Marvel Comics has revived the Namor series several times over the years, he has yet to be utilized by the Marvel Cinematic Universe or by 20th Century Fox. The absurdity of the character would make for some great commentary from Deadpool. If portrayed by someone like proven funnyman and tough guy John Cena (his roles in both Sisters and Trainwreck received great reviews) who is already built like a superhero, a few Namor scenes could really add to a Deadpool movie. In a situation where Deadpool needs some sort of deep-sea assistance, introducing a new generation to a character like Namor provides the opportunity for the Sub-Mariner and griffin-riding Prince of Atlantis to be used by Marvel or 20th Century Fox in whatever way they see fit.

Bailey: Worst X-Man Ever

X-Men: Worst X-Man Ever tells the story of a teenager who discovers that his only mutant ability is that of self-detonation — an ability that can only be used once, because it results in his own death. The five-part series, written by Say Anything lead singer Max Bemis, tells the self-deprecating story of Bailey Hoskins as he joins Professor Xavier’s Mutant Academy, despite having what he perceives to be an utterly useless gift. The story pokes fun at the Marvel Universe (and comic books in general) in much the same way that Deadpool does. He’s the type of obnoxiously lovable character that could stick around long enough for Deadpool to make several jokes about the living embodiment of “emo” that is Bailey. Of course, he would only exist in one movie, because he would have to make the ultimate sacrifice to help Deadpool achieve his goals. And if the Negasonic Teenage Warhead returns, Bailey would obviously develop an unrequited crush.


Most notably an arch-nemesis of Wolverine, Sabretooth has already appeared in the first X-Men movie as well as Marvel Origins: Wolverine. With an ethically questionable protagonist like Deadpool, the villain he is after has to be someone pretty terrible. Deadpool is highly motivated by his love for Vanessa, and Sabretooth has a history of being violent towards women. As documented in the Wolverine: Sabretooth collection, Sabretooth has specifically sought out to rape and kill several of Logan’s love interests. If Liev Schreiber was to reprise his role as Sabretooth, he could capture and threaten Vanessa. Allowing a cameo from Wolverine, Wade could seek Logan’s advice on how to deal with Victor Creed, otherwise known as Sabretooth. With mutant powers almost identical to Wolverine, an epic battle between Deadpool and Sabretooth could provide an intense, blood-riddled ending to a Deadpool movie down the road.



Sasquatch isn’t just another moniker for Big Foot. He’s also a Big Foot-like character in Marvel Comics. Dr. Walter Langkowski ended up with the ability to transform into a hairy beast with superhuman strength when he tried to replicate the powers of the Hulk in his laboratory. The fact that his name is Sasquatch would give plenty of opportunities for Deadpool to make jokes about his origins. Additionally, Langkowski is both Polish and Jewish, social classifications ripe with opportunities for politically incorrect jokes. Whether ultimately a friend or foe of Wade Wilson, a quick scene or two featuring an unfinished fight to the death between Deadpool and Sasquatch would set the internet on fire if released as part of an upcoming Deadpool movie trailer.


After the success of Marvel’s Spider-Gwen comic series, the graphic novel giants released a Gwenpool series, currently telling the story of a different-yet-similar female named Gwen who has a unique role in the Marvel Universe. As a comic book fanatic that was sucked into the world of Marvel she was obsessed with, Gwendolyn Poole’s unparalleled knowledge of all things Marvel — and her assumption that things will always work out for good in the end — are her only true superpowers. She constantly references comics that she’s read as she explains things to the characters that she interacts with. In that way, if the Deadpool film franchise reaches a third or fourth installment, Gwenpool could be the first character to out-Deadpool Wade Wilson himself. Assuming Deadpool’s girlfriend still exists, Gwen could provide some sexual tension and drama that you just can’t get from Colossus or the Negasonic Teenage Warhead.

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Whether or not any of these characters ever meets Deadpool on the silver screen, there’s no reason to think that the film franchise will slow down any time soon. In an era where every superhero film tied to Marvel or DC Comics is expected to be a blockbuster, Deadpool was a sleeper hit, with an R-rating and an approach to the superhero genre of film as fresh as the character’s presence within Marvel Comics.

The sequel to Deadpool will feature the return of Ryan Reynolds in the titular role. Filming is scheduled to begin in 2017, with the film likely to be released in 2018. Presumably named Deadpool 2, it will feature Wade Wilson’s long-time arch-rival Cable, who will probably be played by Kyle Chandler or Liam Neeson.

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