Ryan Serhant’s Wedding Special Proves That Not Everything Is Perfect

Mary Jane

Ryan Serhant found love while filming Million Dollar Listing: New York. Ryan met Emilia Bechrakis when he wasn't filming the show, and the first few months were a bit rocky. Serhant was working so much that he couldn't even fit in a date with Emilia. She tried to schedule cooking classes for them, but he was leaving the class constantly to make deals. Plus, Serhant was traveling to Los Angeles to do deals as well. However, their relationship quickly became stronger, and he proposed to her in Times Square in a proposal that made headlines around the world. Now, they are getting married in a new Million Dollar Listing special.

According to a new Bravo report, Ryan Serhant can look forward to seeing his wedding planning and the wedding itself on Bravo as Million Dollar Listing New York: Ryan's Wedding premieres on Thursday, September 22 at 9 p.m. Eastern/8 p.m. Central. Fans already got one preview of the show during the Million Dollar Listing: New York finale, when Ryan and Emilia clearly struggled to plan the wedding. Now, a new trailer has been released, and it sounds like the journey to the wedding day wasn't perfect.

— Lana Risker (@LanaRisker) August 17, 2016

Even though both Luis D. Ortiz and Fredrik Eklund were invited to the wedding in Greece, Luis was the only one who went. Fredrik has revealed that the wedding is very special, and the two of them weren't exactly getting along while filming Million Dollar Listing: New York. He didn't want their drama to affect the wedding as the event is a sacred one.

— Bravo New Zealand (@BravoNewZealand) June 23, 2016

"I have full-time job now, which is planning your bachelor party," Luis explains in the preview for the new season, but it wasn't smooth sailing for him.

— Emilia Bechrakis (@EmiliaBechrakis) July 22, 2016

"We're getting married," Emilia said in the preview, adding, "I would have never imagined."

And even though Ryan may have been stressed out about the wedding planning and the thought of getting married, Serhant knew that Emilia was the one for him. In fact, he never questioned their relationship. Before the wedding, Ryan Serhant opened up about his feelings, and he revealed that Emilia was the one for him, even though they had a rocky beginning.

— Bravo New Zealand (@BravoNewZealand) July 17, 2016

What do you think of Ryan Serhant's wedding journey? Are you surprised that they experienced a few rocky moments on the way to Greece? Will you be watching the Million Dollar Listing wedding special?

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