Anjelica Huston Sold Her Venice Home For $12 Million, Will Become A Social Club

Anjelica Huston put her Venice, California home on the market, and it can now be enjoyed via a social club memberhsip. The opulent dwelling has often been referred to as “The Fortress” by residents of the eclectic beach town. The Oscar winning actress was allegedly ready to part with her beloved home and fully supports turning the property into a private member’s club, according to Page Six.

The impressive 13,775-square-foot home even includes a 1,000-square-foot courtyard. Anjelica Huston’s late husband and sculptor, Robert Graham, built the home for her in 1994. The Venice Social Club Holdings’ has gone to escrow for $12 million for The Fortress and is planning on offering memberships for $2,000 per year, Radar Online reports.

Members will be able to enjoy a farm-to-table restaurant, a gallery, cultural programming, and a screening room. A gourmet bathing experience will also be offered to members of the Venice Social Club who will make themselves to home in Anjelica Huston’s former abode. The unusually titled activity loosely translates to hot-springs trips, swimming, seltzer water tastings, and a myriad of other aqua activities.

The Addams Family actress will have a seat on the social club board; she had this to say about the project:

“I bestow my heartfelt support for the Venice Social Club Holdings’ intention to create a community gathering space that honors Venice’s unique legacy to 69 Winward Avenue.”

The home boasts a three-floor studio, dance room, workshop, communal kitchen, and a swimming pool, the Huffington Post notes. The leading lady’s California beach home was originally placed on the market in 2010 for $18 million but did not find a buyer.