Drake Shocks Fans With Surprise Eminem Performance Amid Feud Rumors [Video]

Drake and Eminem are shutting down the recent rampant reports claiming that they were locked in a nasty feud with a huge live performance.

Just days after the rumor mill went into overdrive claiming that the Drake and Eminem were set for what could have been a pretty epic rap battle, Drake shot down the feud rumors by bringing out the “Stan” rapper for a surprise performance in Eminem’s hometown.

Lucky concertgoers saw Drake introduce Eminem to the stage during his “Summer Sixteen tour” stop at Joe Louis Arena in Detroit, Michigan, on August 16, where he praised the legendary rap star as being the “greatest rapper of all time.”

“Make some noise for the greatest rapper to ever get on a microphone,” Drake told Detroit concertgoers according to Hollywood Life, “he goes by the name of Eminem!”


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The site reported that Drake then even bowed as Eminem took to the stage for the performance, before he returned the favour and shot down the feud claims by complimenting the “Hotline Bling” rapper before the two launched into a duet.

“It’s an honor to share the stage with this man right here,” Eminem then told the crowd of his admiration for Drake.

The twosome then treated fans to a performance of “Forever,” their 2007 collaboration with fellow rap superstars Lil Wayne and Kanye West.

Following the rappers’ stellar surprise duet performance, Drake then took to Instagram to put an end to the rumors claiming he and Eminem were locked in a nasty feud, appearing to tell his more than 26 million followers that he was done with the feud drama surrounding the two.

“SHARED THE STAGE WITH THE GOAT FOR DETROIT,” Drake captioned a shot of himself and Eminem backstage at the Michigan show following the performance, adding, “DONE THE HYPE.”

Understandably, fans of both Eminem and Drake were pretty excited that the twosome finally teamed up to perform together after squashing the feud reports and took to Twitter to express their excitement.

“D**n that video of Drake bringing out Eminem in Detroit gave me such deep goosebumps…” singer Jack Johnson tweeted out, while @lara_sweis wrote on the social media site that “Drake bringing out Eminem tonight was the best thing I’ve ever experienced.”

“Incredible to see Drake and Eminem share a stage together live,” @LiamHFleming added, “that’s like a serious once in a lifetime thing.”


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Drake and Eminem’s Detroit duet will likely come as a surprise to some fans, as it was just days ago that reports claimed that the twosome weren’t exactly friends.

The feud rumors began to swirl after a Hot 97 radio host claimed earlier this month that Eminem was ready to weigh in on Drake’s past feud with Joe Budden, who is signed to Eminem’s record label, suggesting that a rap battle could be about to go down.

According to Digital Spy, Drake then hit back at the claims, telling the radio host, “That’s not gonna happen. He’d never do that. And if he did, I got something for him, too.”

That’s when Hollywood Life chimed in on the drama and claimed that that Eminem was threatening to “destroy” Drake in a rap battle.

How they feel about you where ya from? #SHADY

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“Marshall thinks Drake is a great studio rapper,” a source told the site of Eminem, who’s real name is Marshall Mathers.

“[Drake] has a great sound and has plenty of hooks that are amazing. But when it comes to street rapping — battle rapping — Drizzy would get destroyed,” the insider continued. “Marshall knows it would be a quick knockout.”

But despite the reports, it looks like there’s no feud and all love between Drake and Eminem after their surprise performance.

What do you think of Drake and Eminem finally putting an end to the feud claims with their epic live duet?

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